The end of the Barcelona era? Welcome Germans!


Bayern Munich’s 0-3 win at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home ground saw the Germans win in a tremendous 7-0 aggregate victory over Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals which has been hailed as a changing of the guard moment.

bercolna lost to bayern

Borussia Dortmund also saw off Real Madrid,which is making us think an era of German dominance could be on the cards after around five years of Spain hogging the headlines.
Bayern are set to welcome Pep Guardiola to the club in June and it is suspected that he will complete the job of deposing his former club, Barca, as Europe’s pre-eminent force.
At the start of this 2012/2013 session, We are very sure that no one saw this coming.
Two German Teams in Wembley playing the Champions League Final, What A Sight!

But did we witness the end of an era on Wednesday night? And are Bayern now world football’s leading club?

bayern munich

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