Manchester United 20th Premier League Title and Parade in Manchester


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For a month now we all know that Manchester United had won this session Premier League Title which makes their 20th and 13th under Alex Chapman Ferguson. After  2-1 win against Swansea on Sunday with help from Rio Ferdinand Incredible late second half goal (which was his only goal since 2008) help United to win the game and properly send off Ferguson.

Rio Ferdinand scored the winner at Old Trafford

Sir Alex Ferguson lifts the Premier League trophy

Alex Ferguson was given stand up ovation and a very incredible welcome as he arrived the pitch and he gave his farewell speech saying “United fans should stick by their new Manager” ; David Moyes ( that’s only if he wins games and trophies), his sack was already been demanded for last week on twitter that’s before he even started his job.

Also David Moyes was given a very warm welcome and send off at his own Everton home ground.

Another big story on that Sunday was that legend Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes  also retired (fully this time).

Paul Scholes

Also the story of the day (if not ’till next session) is Rooney’s Departure from old Trafford. Ferguson did confirm that Rooney has filed in transfer request which was turned down but when he was asked if Rooney will be a United player next session? he said that for the new manager. Remember, David Moyes and Rooney has had their bad days at Everton which was later kissed off by both parties.


Three things we will need to keep watch of is, How will United as a Team cope next session with the departure of legendary manager Ferguson? Will Rooney still be a United player next session? and can David Moyes take United to new levels and win trophies, can he handle the big names in United squad, can he really do the job and  fill the shoes (big one) of Ferguson?

Manchester United players have been parading through the city after winning their 20th top flight title, the 13th under manager Sir Alex Ferguson. – Channel4News



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