Watch: Labrinth Stage Dive Fail; Takes Out “Over 50 People” In Audience


Labrinth has been filmed falling on the floor during a stage dive gone-wrong at a university gig after students were unable to catch him.

Move over Miguel, We’ve got the new king of stage dive gone horrible wrong. We are sure after this, no performer will go do a stage dive anymore.

At a university performance at the University Of Kent’s Summer Ball this past Saturday, 1st June, singer Labrinth totally took out a large chunk of the crowd after a stage dive to crowd surf attempt backfired horribly.

After the first dive went horribly wrong, Labrinth swore at the students who failed to catch him, and can be heard shouting in video footage below: “If you ain’t ready to f**king party in this b***h tonight, go the f**k home.”

He then, attempted a second stage dive, which had an even less spectacular ending than the first. One student who attended the event tweeted: “As a result of @Labbrinthda1st stage dive last night I’m sat at my desk revising with 4 ice packs on my knee and ankle #crazzzy.”

Another, who was at the scene of the dive, said: “We didn’t actually see him jump, we just saw everyone falling back and then we were literally stuck under four other guys! It was so painful! I can’t really walk after last night.”

There have been no reports about whether or not the singer hurt himself during the failed stunt, but he carried on with the performance after being rescued from the confused crowd by event security.

According to a member of the audience he took out“over 50 people”. After the show, Labrinth posted an image of the stage dive moments before everything went wrong.

Either he has too much faith in his fans or too much faith in his weight but, either way, no-one caught him.

Watch Video below:


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