How Dynamo performed his Bus Levitating Trick


Illusionist Dynamo left people puzzled and amazed after appearing to levitate next to the top deck of a London bus on its journey through the capital.

Passers by raced to capture the stunt on video while the 30-year-old magician hovered past, with one hand on the roof of the 15-foot vehicle while the other filmed their stunned reactions on his own phone.

The recorded stunt for Pepsi Max was soon posted online, leaving an even wider audience speculating how the trickster had seemingly defied gravity.

While he became something of a moving target to those already familiar with the technique, Dynamo’s flight clearly stumped a number of web viewers.

Watch Clip:

Some guessed at super glue on his hand, while others wrongly identified his underwear as the key to the illusion.

Others said camera trickery was at play, claiming the reflections in the windows were ‘wrong’.

Another even said Dynamo was being held up by a platform that had been digitally removed in editing.

In fact, no camera tricks were employed. Dynamo, whose real name is Steven Frayne, really did walk through the air on the journey.

For those who wish the illusion to remain unexplained, stop reading now.

But for those of you driven to distraction by the bus trick, look very closely to Dynamo’s right hand. It doesn’t move during the clip.

That is because the arm holding onto the vehicle is a fake, fastened to the bus and part of a reinforced harness that can support the standing magician as he moves through the air.

Dynamo’s real right arm is tucked away inside his clothing, neatly concealed by his free-flowing baggy shirt.

Prosthetic limb

Theory: Throughout the stunt Dynamo’s right arm – the one touching the bus – remains at a perfect right angle to his body, leading some to suggest it’s fake. According to this theory his real right arm is tucked beneath his clothes, while a prosthetic arm is bolted to the bus and specially designed to support his weight.

Potential flaws: The arm does look remarkably lifelike. And wouldn’t the people on the bus’s top deck have notice his hidden real arm?

Secret platform

Theory: The arm is a distraction – while it’s there for support, the real secret is in a hidden platform. The most likely candidate, according to this line of speculation, is a thin wire that Dynamo can balance on. He does appear to move from foot to foot in videos.

Potential flaws: If it’s a platform strong enough to stand on, surely it would have been spotted on camera?

By all accounts it’s an old trick, but judging by the number of people fooled on the streets of London and online, a size able part of Dynamo’s audience was certainly not in on it.

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