Jay Z Cheats on wife Beyoncé with a female rapper?



Call us crazy, but when it comes to celebrity power couples, forget Brad and Ang, time to ditch Kimye and Posh’n’Becks can shove right off because Jay Z and Beyoncé are our numero uno.

A duo that’s managed to keep their relationship well under wraps despite being two of the biggest music stars in the world is no easy task – but it looks like not everyone is as subtle as them, because someone’s come forward to say that all is not well in the world of Jay and Queen Bey.

Beyonce Jay Z

Yep, rapper-slash-model-slash-gossip hound LIV has told a radio station that Jay Z tried to hit on her in da club once while he was very much still married to to Beyoncé . Gah. She revealed that he apparently told her he’d “call her whenever he comes to town” and that he wanted to make her his “in-town chick”.


LIV, who in an even weirder turn of events, decided to turn Jay down in respect to Beyoncé but then went and wrote a whole song about the ruddy imaginary encounter, calling it The Invasion: Part 2. Well *that’s* not very respectful, is it?


LIV sounds off in the song, and in a homage to the likes of Eamon and Frankee, explains exactly what supposedly went on between the pair (LIV and Jay Z, not Eamon and Frankee), rapping:

“I was sitting by myself, and he sat next to me. I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me. Excuse me Miss, do me a favour, put your number on this piece of paper. When Jay get settled and he’ll call you later. I know most chicks would have took the bait, but then those chicks be the ones I hate.”

Powerful stuff. Watch the video for yourself to hear LIV’s full rap, where she also randomly takes aim at P. Diddy. PLEASE, ANYONE BUT DIDDY.

Neither Jay or Bey have made a comment on the accusations yet, but we imagine they’re both too busy watching this video and laughing while Blue Ivy records her response song. Spoiler alert – there’s a *lot* of swearing. Guess we know how she got her name.

What do you make of all this then? Comments please…

Via: sugarscape

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