Apple unveils iPhone 5S and 5C [See Full Details by Eyes and Voice]


Apple unveils iPhone 5S and 5C – See Full Details

Apple has announced two new iPhones, for the first time splitting its flagship product between a premium product and a more affordable version.

Eyes and Voice will below give basically all the details on the two new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

New Processors

The flagship 5s is very much the main event though, sporting those leaked gold and space grey colourways, and the first 64-bit mobile chip in the world, the A7.

Alongside that bombshell, the new motion co-processor – the M7 – almost slipped by unnoticed, but this could mean a revolution in fitness apps as it constantly monitors your motion.

Fingerprint Sensor

Apple’s much-rumoured fingerprint scanning tech has a name. ‘Touch ID’ is now official on the 5S.

It’s 170 microns thin and built into your home button.

It scans your prints at a resolution of 500 ppi and scans sub-epidermal skin layers for accuracy.

Essentially the sapphire crystal in the sensor acts much like a lens, allowing the sensor to take a high resolution snapshot of your fingerprint, which it then analyses.

iOS7 and camera

Add to that iOS7, a significantly uprated camera package and a better battery performance, and you’re looking at a stunning tech package.

The camera has a 5-element Apple designed lens with a 15% larger active sensor area, and is heavily integrated with iOS 7.

It automatically sets white balance, exposure level and creates a dynamic local tone map. It autofocuses, has digital auto-image stabilization, and even picks your sharpest images for you.


The iPhone 5s offers an astonishing 250 hours of battery life in standby, 10 hours 3G talk time, 10 hours LTE browsing and 40 hours music playback.


The only bad news is the price – while Apple has pitched the iPhone 5C at the midrange, the flagship 5S is still resolutely expensive, at £549 (£457.50 ex VAT) for the 16GB model, £629 (£524.17 ex VAT) for the 32GB model, and £709 (£590.83 ex VAT) for the 64GB model.

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