Nigerian Plane crashes after take-off in Lagos, Killing 13 People


Nigerian Plane crashes after take-off in Lagos, Killing 13 People

Plane crashes after take-off in Lagos, Nigeria Killing 13 People. by Eyes and Voice

A Nigerian Passenger Plane today crashes just immediately after take-off and killing 13 people, Eyes and Voice has learned.

The plane which was carrying 20 people crashed shortly after take-off from Lagos airport in Nigeria, officials say. A rescue has been sent and operation is ongoing.  At first it was reported that Nine people has died, but new reports states that 13 people are known to have died and several more of those on board were injured, Eyes and Voice learned.

The Associated Airlines plane was bound for Akure, which is about 140 miles (225km) north-east of Lagos. The plane’s engine appeared to fail and the aircraft plunged to the ground and burst into flames, reporters told Eyes and Voice.

Alist Hive learned that the plane crashed on to open land within the airport complex, close to a fuel storage depot.

The charter flight took off at about 09:30 local time (08:30 GMT) from the domestic terminal at Lagos’s Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

Eyewitness Ahmad Safian told the BBC: “I heard a loud bang and then there was lots of black smoke. The security forces rushed straight to the scene. I saw three bodies removed from the wreckage.”

Mr Safian also said that the road to the airport was blocked for a short time but operations were continuing as normal at the airport.

It is not yet clear what has actually caused the plane crash, Eyes and Voice will update you when we get our hands on further details.

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