[Watch] – Kendrick Lamar disses Drake on his BET Cypher Verse


Kendrick Lamar disses Drake on his BET Cypher Verse – Watch

Kendrick Lamar disses Drake on his BET Cypher Verse. by Eyes and Voice

Since the Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ verse came out, Eyes and Voice has been sensing some side line comments in the rap scene. From Meek Mills and others.

Recently on and interview with Elliott Wilson, Drake was asked about the Kendrick Lamar’s verse and how the situation was going, Not only us here at Eyes and Voice, even Elliott Wilson noticed that Drake was not too happy with the situation and with Kendrick. Drake made some comments about it and said he was ‘Ready‘.

Kendrick Lamar is not taking any of that and still yet is not ready to back down just yet. The ‘Good Kid, Mad City‘ rapper took shoots at Drake in his new BET Cypher for the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards which will be heard on Tuesday 15th October.

Kendrick Lamar rapped:

And nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control’/ And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes/ Haha! Jokes on you/ High-five, I’m bulletproof/ Your s–t’s a never penetrate, pin the tail on the donkey boy, you been a fake.

Watch Video Below:

Wow! Drake, pass to you, your turn! we waiting…

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