India has successfully launched a Spacecraft to Mars


India has successfully launched a Spacecraft to Mars

India has successfully launched a spacecraft to the Red Planet, Eyes and Voice can confirm.

(Above Photo shows) When it took off – The moment of lift 

Eyes and Voice has learnt that, India’s aim is for the country to become the fourth space agency to reach Mars.

The Mars Orbiter Mission took off at 09:08 GMT from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on the country’s east coast.

The head of India’s space agency told reporters that the mission would demonstrate the technological capability to reach Mars orbit and carry out experiments.

The spacecraft is set to travel for 300 days, reaching Mars orbit in 2014.

If the satellite orbits successfully reaches the Red Planet, India’s space agency will become the fourth in the world to undertake a successful Mars mission after those of the US, Russia and Europe.

graphic, BBC

Eyes and Voice learned that, the spacecraft will also examine the rate of loss of atmospheric gases to outer space. This could provide insights into the planet’s history; billions of years ago, the envelope of gases around Mars is thought to have been more substantial.

(Above is) Mangalyaan’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft

Watch the Spacecraft Lift Off below:

India has successfully launched a Spacecraft to Mars by eyes and voice

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