Kendrick Lamar: Rapper of the Year and Freestyle by GQ


Kendrick Lamar: Rapper of the Year and Freestyle by GQ

Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year and Freestyle by GQ. news by Eyes and Voice

Do you know who Kendrick Lamar is? OK! obviously you do! – everyone does unless you have been lively in somewhere Eyes and Voice don’t know 🙂

But still, if you still don’t know… see everything about him here.

GQ Magazines has declared the ‘Control’ rapper the ‘Rapper of the Year’ and he will be featured on the cover of the magazine’s December issue.

On this promo clip, Kendrick Lamar shows off his flow for the camera and does a freestyle on the set of his 2013 GQ Men of the Year photo shoot.

Watch Video below:

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  1. I will be the first to admit, I was probably one of the last people to know exactly who Kendrick Lamar was. With this new current wave of music I only know songs and not the artist. The only reason I did start to give him a listen is when I saw he was featured on the new Eminem album. If he is able to hang with Slim, he must be alright. Most people must agree cause “Love Game (ft. Kendrick Lamar)” is number one on the billboard top 100.

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