Beyoncé And Jay Z Trial Separation – what we know so far


Beyoncé And Jay Z Trial Separation – what we know so far

We here at Eyes and Voice are trying not to believe this. But we decided to tell you what we have heard and you can make up your own mind. 

Beyoncé And Jay Z Trial Separation - what we know so far. news by Eyes and Voice

We have been hearing/reading rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z are separating or ‘Trail Separation’ as they have been calling it.

Wait! You guys will agree with me, Is either you are separating or not right? what the f**K is ‘Trail Separation’? I personally have never seen where that works…

And just to say to the magazine(s) and online celebrity websites reporting these news – do they want us to believe it? are you actually for real?… You can report that about any other celebrity is separating and we will (might) just believe it but come on… is Jay Z and Beyonce! – you know it will be hard for us to believe that, unless they actually do separate.

OK, back to the reports,  we here at Eyes and Voice came across reports from some websites (and yes, we just don’t want to mention the names here – try search thou) stating that Beyonce and Jay Z are going on a Trail Separation.

These reports have been saying that they are no longer crazy in love and apparently that Beyonce thinks Jay Z only cares about himself more than their family.

Hold! lets us here at Eyes and Voice address that, if he (Jay Z) do not care about his family, what does this last week’s picture (below) all about? Is it after just a week that he do not care about his family anymore?? (see picture below). What a good way to get attention and sell your magazine.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy

Now back to the reports, according to more articles, its says that the trouble began when the ‘Holy Grail‘ rapper decided to extend his tour into UK and Europe without checking to see if it was convenient to match the schedules of Beyonce. It was said that Beyonce expected Mr Shawn Carter, which is Jay Z’s real name to come with her and Blue Ivy, their daughter on Queen Bey’s Australia tour. Apparently, it’s said that Jigga (as he’s also called) choose not to go to Austrialia because he is “doing his own thing” and Beyonce is very mad about that.
HOV has also been reportedly  photographed in clubs (see picture below) having a good time and Beyonce Knowles, 32, feels Jay Z is being selfish, “doing his own thing”, and not spending time with his family.
Beyonce and Jay-Z Headed For Messy Split: Jay-Z Club-Hopping and Ignoring Bey and Blue Ivy - Report
Other magazine(s) are reporting that, the fact that he didn’t try to fit their schedules is only irritating Beyonce even more. Reports continued to say that she feels “like a single mother” and “thinks he uses touring as an excuse to go out practically every night.” Eyes and Voice learned.
Reports continue to say that they both tried to reunite but Beyonce feels that trail separation is the best way to test and figure out if they both still enjoy each other’s company or if Queen B is just too mad not to forgive him – so both of them; Beyonce and Jay Z can just break up for good.

Eyes and Voice has also learned that, these reports/article will apparently appear in the Nov. 25 print edition of the some magazine.

And yes! for attention seeking, and magazine(s) selling reasons, It is a tabloid gold and it will sell.

Beyoncé And Jay Z Trial Separation - what we know so far. news by Eyes and Voice

Listen guys, I don’t know – it might be a true story thou… Lets us all here just keep waiting, watching and reading if they actually separates! but for now…

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