Tom Daley reveals he is a relationship with a Man – Good Move?


Tom Daley reveals he is a relationship with a Man – Good Move?

Eyes and Voice can tell you that, Tom Daley has earlier today revealed that he has been in a relationship with a man since this spring.

Tom Daley is one of the most celebrated British sportsman since the Olympics in London 2012. He is the Olympic diving bronze medalist and former world champion.

He also had his TV diving show ‘Splash’ on ITV and it is reported that the second series of the show has been recorded and will be on very soon.

Earlier today, Monday 2nd, the 19 years old revealed in a recorded 5 minutes clip on YouTube that he has been in a gay relationship  with a guy since the spring and that he “couldn’t be happier”.

Tom said: “In spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone, and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great.

“That someone is a guy.”

Watch Tom Daley reveals he is a relationship with a guy below:

The teenager went on to talk about how life has changed for him since the Olympics, his hard times as a little kid and he also talked about the reactions from his family when he told them that he is gay (in a relationship with a guy).

He said that his family has been  “so supportive”, while other has received the message with mixed reactions and that they well shocked.

“Lots of them didn’t believe it,” Daley said.

“Lots of them wanted me to keep it quiet, some said ‘Why don’t you do a statement? Why don’t you do a magazine cover? Why don’t you do a TV interview?”.

“I didn’t want to get my words twisted. I wanted to put an end to all the rumors and speculation, I want to come tell you guys”.

Tom Daley made his announcement via Twitter, posting: “Got something I need to say…not been an easy decision to make, hope you can support me! :)” with the link to the video.

Good Move?

In the clip, while talking about his life, fame and about his dad, Daley talked about privacy – the problem here is if you want a private life, is it a good idea to announced/talk about your relationships and sexuality in this way?

Because what all this will lead to, is the media writing endless article about him and his relationship. I am sure the next step for Gossip magazines and website will be following Tom Daley around, taking pictures and trying to find out who is his partner.

We know is a good idea to ‘come out’. But if you want a private life, is this actually the right way to do it?

OK, maybe Tom don’t want a private relationship.

Did Tom Daley do this right thing? Good move or Bad move?? Tell us what you think on the comment box below.

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