Nelson Mandela’s Death: 9 controversial things that happened (Drogba, Sign Man, Obama and more)


Nelson Mandela’s Death: 9 controversial things that happened (Drogba, Sign Man, Obama and more)

Nelson Mandela's Death. 9 controversial things that happened (Drogba, Sign Man, Obama and more) news by Eyes and Voice

It is no longer a breaking news and I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that Nelson Mandela died last Thursday.

It was a sad news when we here at Eyes and Voice reported, that the world has lost one of its greatest man.

Nelson Mandela Is Laid to Rest

Jacob Zuma (2nd L), the ex-wife of former South African President Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela (L), and the widow of Mandela, Graca Machel (3rd L), sit by the coffin of Mandela

Former South African President Nelson Mandela’s casket is take by military gun carriage to his burial place following his funeral service in Qunu, South Africa, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013.

Today, Sunday December 15 2013, In Qunu, South Africa — One of the greatest person that lived in this world and an Anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela, was buried in Qunu, his home village.

The funeral is a mix of ancient tribal rituals with also a display of new South Africa culture. Activities includes, songs and a traditional Xhosa ceremony.

Military officers, both black and white, rolled Mandela’s flag-draped coffin to the family burial plot in the village of Qunu. Formations of planes and military helicopters, South African flags flapping from the bellies, flew over the green hills where thousands of mourners had gathered.

Around 4,000 guests attended the proceedings, where family and friends spoke of their time with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who died on 5 December aged 95.

A smaller service for clan members, current and former heads of state, officials and clergymen followed on the hillside above the main marquee, where Mandela’s body was lowered into the ground.

“Yours was truly a long walk to freedom and now you have achieved the ultimate freedom in the bosom of your maker, God almighty,” said Bishop Ziphozihle Siwa in the graveside sermon.

“A great tree has fallen,” said tribal chief Ngangomhlaba Matanzima, a representative of Mandela’s family. “He is now going home to rest with his forefathers – we thank them for lending us such an icon.”

Mandela family members and South African President Jacob Zuma watch as former South African President Nelson Mandela’s casket is lowered into his burial site following his funeral service in Qunu, South Africa, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013.

Oprah Winfrey attends the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s memorial was held on tuesday 10, at the stadium in soweto, South Africa – where almost all of the world’s leaders and top dignitaries was present. It has been said to be the largest gathering of the world’s leaders in history, Eyes and Voice has learned.

Wednesday 11, December 2013, Mandela’s body was transported to the Union Buildings to be laid to rest and the World leaders paid their final respect and farewell bid to Nelson Mandela.

The death and memorial ceremony of Mandela has come with some controversial scenes which I will like to share with you below.

Nelson Mandela’s Death: 9 controversial things that happened so far

No. 1 Didier Drogba and Eboue to be disciplined for paying tributes to Nelson Mandela

There are moments in history when the world stands still: the passing of Nelson Mandela was one of those occasions.

After Galatasaray 2-0 win against their opponent, in a way of paying his tribute, Drogba removed his shirt to reveal a under shirt that read  “Thank You Madiba”.

While Eboue also honored the former South African president and anti-apartheid hero with a t-shirt that said “Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela”

However, the Turkish Football Federation disciplinary committee don’t agree and thought very differently about it and have summoned the Ivorians – Eyes and Voice has learned that the committee is in process of dishing out a discpilnary action or fine to the players for their action.

Despite Drogba and Eboue displaying their tributes after the match, they are likely to be sanctioned as the TFF forbids players from displaying political messages during football matches, Eyes and Voice learn.

Drogba also went on to write his message to Madiba on social network site Facebook, which reads;

“Nelson Mandela did not only impact Africa, but also the rest of the world. This is a great loss to humanity, because he was a man who refused to abandon the struggle in the face of suffering and was able to change mentalities across the globe. I want to offer my condolences to his family and loved ones and to the entire South African people.”

What do you think about this decision, was it fair on the pair? or Just wrong and insensitive? Tell us on the comment box below

No. 2 BBC received complaints for the airing of Nelson Mandela’s death

The BBC received 1,350 complaints about ‘excessive’ coverage of Mandela’s death after viewers are angered by decision to interrupt Mrs Brown’s Boys and lack of time on storm news.

BBC broke into a repeat of BBC1 sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys to break the news. The BBC has defended its coverage and said Mandela’s death was of ‘considerable interest’ to audiences in the UK and across the rest of the world.

No. 3 Obama shakes hands with Cuba’s president Raul Castro

Barack Obama president of the United State shock hands with Raul Castro the president of Cuba at Nelson Mandela’s memorial yesterday, Tuesday 10 December – it was a brief but big moment. Both deeply opposed nations have been in Cold War antagonism for more than five decades.

As I told you yesterday, it’s probably the first and only time a US President has shaken hands with a leader of Cuba since the Cuban revolution 54 years ago in 1959.

No. 4 Cameroon, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Barack Obama pose for a selfie

Yesterday at the memorial, David Cameron (British Prime Minister), Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Danish PM) and Barack Obama (you know him right?) pose for a selfie. The three was caught posing for a selfie for the Danish PM phone during the ceremony. However, Michele Obama was uninterested and still focused on the memorial service.

No. 5 Mugabe was present at Nelson Mandela’s memorial and laying to rest

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe Do you know who Robert Mugabe is?… Mugabe has been the president of Zimbabwe for how many years? (trust me, some many years).

As report goes, he’s not well liked. But I sometimes think that he is not as bad as the media makes him to be. Anyways that’s just an opinion.

He was very much present at Nelson Mandela’s memorial yesterday and also was present today at the Union Buildings where Mandela’s body was laid to rest – he was seen paying his last respect.

No.6 Russia President, Putin refuse to attend Nelson Mandela’s memorial

Russia president, Vladimir Putin was absent at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. There has also been very little comment in Russian media on anything to do with Mr Mandela’s funeral.

Russia was represented at the mourning events in South Africa by the speaker of the upper house Federation Council, Valentina Matviyenko. President Vladimir Putin on Monday night visited the South African embassy in Moscow, where he left a message in the book of condolences opened following Mr Mandela’s death, Eyes and Voice learned.

Liberal Russian journalist Inessa Zemler tweeted on Monday that “Putin probably finds it hard to contemplate that someone can become president after 27 years in prison”.

No. 7 China President also did not come to Nelson Mandela’s memorial

Xi Jinping1234

China’s President Xi Jinping. China, I think has one of the best business links not just in South Africa but in the entire Africa continent.

So I was thinking the president of China will not have any excuse of not attending the ceremony.

OK, I was wrong… China announced that it will send its vice president and not President Xi Jinping. Other, absentees are Iran and Israel. Israel said it will send the speaker of its parliament, not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, citing the expense of airfare and security.

No. 8 South African president, Jacob Zuma booed at Nelson Mandela’s memorial

There’s nothing bad as your own people booing you, in your own country, in the present of all the world’s leader.

South African president, Jacob Zuma was booed yesterday at Nelson Mandela’s memorial and wait… wait for it… in South Africa.

No 9. The mystery Sign Language Man at Nelson Mandela memorial

The man doing the sign language at Nelson Mandela was fake.

The fake sign language interpreter took to stage during yesterday’s Mandela’s memorial.He gesturcted g gibberish before a global audience of millions.

I think people are asking the wrong question by saying if he is fake or not.

The question should be, how did get pass to the stage and for that long without security noticing. All day, no one cared to notice him and question him until now.

What if he was a terrorist (with bomb and all that), sure that would have been the end of many (if not all) attendees and world leaders including Barack Obama.

DeafSA, South Africa’s leading deaf association, on the issue stated:

“He was basically gesturing. He didn’t follow any of the grammatical rules and structure of the language. He just invented his signs as he went along,” said Delphin Hlungwane, an official South African sign language interpreter at DeafSA.

“There was zero percent accuracy. He couldn’t even get the basics right. He couldn’t even say thank you.” “You’re supposed to indicate with your facial expressions, even if it’s not an exact sign,” she said.

“He didn’t indicate that at all. It just passed him by.” The hunt is on for the mystery man. “Nobody knows who he is. Even at this hour we still don’t have his name,” Hlungwane said.

EyesandVoice has done some research on this guy and according to recent news, reporters caught with the Sign Language Man in his remote town in South Africa, He said he was not fake but that he has a mental problem that need solving.

He said that he is fully qualified to be a Sign Language Man and was employed to do his job but his mental issues comes randomly without him having knowledge of it – and that’s what happened on that day.

He also went on to say that he will not be apologizing for what happened that day, that the world (media) should not be trying to find out why he did that but should be concern about helping him and people like him with these illness.


Prince Charles arrives for the funeral ceremony of former South African President Mandela in Qunu

Prince Charles talks with Norway’s former PM Stoltenberg as they arrive for the funeral ceremony of former South African President Mandela in Qunu

Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Zindzi (L)

Oprah Winfrey, her husband Stedman Graham (L) and English businessman Richard Branson (R) watching the funeral service

The funeral procession carrying the coffin

A 21 gun salute is fired as the funeral procession carrying the coffin of South African President Nelson Mandela moves inside his compound for the funeral ceremony in Qunu

The coffin carrying former South African President Nelson Mandela is escorted in his funeral ceremony in Qunu

Nelson Mandela’s grandson (R), Mandla Mandela, attending the funeral service of late South African President Nelson Mandela

Nandi Mandela, talking during the funeral service of late Nelson Mandela

The funeral service of late Nelson Mandela in his childhood village of Qunu

The funeral service of late South African President Nelson Mandela

Candles are lit under a portrait of former South African President Mandela before his funeral ceremony in Qunu

The coffin of late South African President Nelson Mandela draped in a South African flag during the funeral service in his childhood village of Qunu

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