Watch: 12 Year Old Boy Raps for Jay Z on Stage


Watch: 12 Year Old Boy Raps for Jay Z on Stage

Watch 12 Year Old Boy Raps for Jay Z on Stage. news by Eyes and Voice

At another stop of Jay Z’s MCHG concert in Greensboro, NC. Jay Z brings out a 12 year old boy on stage to perform his verse on ‘Clique’ – Jay Z 2013 collaboration with Kanye West and Big Sean.

The boy’s name is Justin – and he his a fan of Jay Z. Justin requested to Jay Z that he do not need backing music to do the rap which impressed Jigga.

After the impressive performance by the young 12 years old boy, Jay Z all with smiles gave the boy a big hug.

The boy asked if he could meet Jay Z back stage, and Jay Z replied saying “Yes, you can,”.

Watch the video below: 

This is the statement beneath the video on YouTube:

“Jay Z Brings 12 Year Old Fan On Stage During Concert in Greensboro, NC

You guys don’t have ANY idea how beautiful this moment was… This might’ve been the absolute BEST part of the show last night. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see this boy light up at the end. A little boy named Justin was holding up a sign that read, “Can I Rap For You?”… At the end of the show, Jay Z looks through the crowd and says ‘Hello’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ to random people, showing love for his fans. During this time, he sees Justin’s sign and this is what happens. Enjoy! ❤️”

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