Jay Z and Beyonce tops The 2014 Billboard Power 100 (see full list)


Jay Z and Beyonce tops The 2014 Billboard Power 100 (see full list)

Jay Z and Beyonce tops The 2014 Billboard Power 100 (see full list) by Eyes and Voice

Jay Z and Beyoncé have been named the most powerful people in the music industry by Billboard magazine, in its ‘2014 Billboard Power 100’ list.

This comes as no surprise as Jay Z (no more hyphen JAY-Z) and Beyonce has definitely been the main force in the music industry all through last year (2013) and this year, 2014.

According to Billboard:

“What is power? At its base, it’s the ability to reshape the world around you according to your vision. And who in the music industry did so better in the last year than this power couple?

“Leveraging their star power to release new albums in unprecedented ways—Jay Z through Samsung and Beyoncé through iTunes—they instantly changed how the industry and fans thought about interacting with music. He gave his album away; she charged a premium price for hers. But they both used the element of surprise to restore the excitement that used to accompany a new release, before that impact was dulled by the endless thunder of carefully plotted promotion.”

“In short, they proved that content truly is king. Or, in this case, king and queen.”

“With two groundbreaking releases they focused fans on music and the business on radical new ways of delivering it” – Billboard.

With that said, we here at Eyes and Voice decided to bring you also others in the list…

See the full complete list of ‘The 2014 Billboard Power 100’ below

  1. Jay Z & Beyonce
  2. Lucian Grainge
  3. Coran Capshaw
  4. Michael Rapino
  5. Martin Bandier
  6. Doug Morris
  7. Irving Azoff
  8. Len Blavatnik
  9. Rob Light
  10. Jimmy Iovine
  11. Bob Pittman
  12. Eddy Cue & Robert Kondrk
  13. Marc Geiger
  14. Paul Chibe
  15. Frank Cooper
  16. Stephen Cooper
  17. Monte Lipman & Avery Lipman
  18. Jay Marciano
  19. John Janick
  20. Rob Stringer
  21. Peter Edge & Tom Corson
  22. Julie Greenwald & Craig Kallman
  23. Arthur Fogel
  24. Jennifer Breithaupt
  25. Daniel Ek
  26. Allen Shapiro & Michael Mahan
  27. Rio Caraeff
  28. Charles Attal, Charlie Jones & Charlie Walker
  29. Dan Mason
  30. Zach Horowitz
  31. Cameron Strang
  32. Steve Barnett
  33. Scooter Braun
  34. Brian O’Connell
  35. Barry Weiss
  36. Lewis W. Dickey, Jr.
  37. Boyd Muir & Michele Anthony
  38. Guy Oseary
  39. Joel Katz
  40. Scott Borchetta
  41. Mike Dungan
  42. Chip Hooper
  43. Jay Brown
  44. Jody Gerson
  45. Robert Kyncl
  46. Hartwig Masuch
  47. John Branca
  48. Tom Poleman
  49. Allen Grubman & Kenny Meiselas
  50. Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams & Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams
  51. Jon Platt
  52. Robert F.X. Sillerman
  53. Paul Tollett
  54. Steve Bartels
  55. Tim Westergren
  56. Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid
  57. Willard Ahdritz
  58. Simon Cowell
  59. Russell Wallach
  60. Cliff Burnstein & Peter Mensch
  61. Neil Portnow, Ken Ehrlich & Jack Sussman
  62. Ryan Seacrest
  63. Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald
  64. Daniel Glass
  65. Dennis Arfa
  66. Martin Mills
  67. John Sykes
  68. Todd Pendleton
  69. John Dickey
  70. Anne Stanchfield
  71. Rich Lehrfeld
  72. Pasquale Rotella
  73. Melissa Ormond
  74. Lyor Cohen
  75. Clint Higham
  76. Louis Messina
  77. Raúl Alárcón, Jr.
  78. Jesús Lopez
  79. Emmanuel Seuge & Joe Belliotti
  80. Lia Vollack
  81. Scott Greenstein
  82. Robert Greenblatt
  83. Afo Verde
  84. Gary Overton
  85. Paul Rosenberg
  86. Bill Carr
  87. Brett Hellerman & Steve Smith
  88. Lorne Michaels
  89. Ken Bunt
  90. Tifanie Van Laar-Frever
  91. Molly Peck
  92. Debra Lee
  93. Tom Windish
  94. David Israelite
  95. Julie Swidler
  96. Mark Campana & Bob Roux
  97. Alexandra Patsavas
  98. Tracy Perlman & Sarah Moll
  99. Jose Valle
  100. Rob Wiesenthal


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