AUDIO and VIDEO: Beyonce ft. Kanye West and JAY Z ‘Drunk In love’ (official remix)


AUDIO and VIDEO: Beyonce ft. Kanye West and JAY Z ‘Drunk In love’ (official remix)

A new remix version of Beyonce hit song ‘Drunk In love’ has recently been released and this features Kanye West.

AUDIO and VIDEO. Beyonce ft. Kanye West and JAY Z Drunk In love (official remix) Eyes and Voice

If you think the original version of the Drunk In Love song by Beyonce featuring her man Jay Z was raunchy, then think again!

Kanye West  has decided to add his own take to the song, eyes and voice learned.

Though some singers and rappers have released their version(s) of the song, the official ‘Drunk In Love‘ remix features Kanye West, eyes and voice can learned.

This version sees Kanye West sexed the whole song to another level – in the ‘Yeezus‘ rapper’s verse you could hear him talk about him finance Kim Kardashian.

Mr. West also discussed the video of his ‘bound 2‘ song which he featured Kim – both riding on a bike…

Listen to Beyonce ‘Drunk In Love’ featuring Kanye West and Jay Z below:

Just after some hours this official remix was released, Beyoncé dropped a 30-second video in which she’s a chap-wearing cowgirl corralling horses while Kanye West’s verse plays in the background.

Watch Video of Kanye West ‘Drunk In Love’ verse featuring Beyonce below:

See the full transcript of Kanye West’s ‘Drunk In Love’ remix verse below:

“You love the way I’m turnt/ After all that money you earned, still show daddy what you’ve learned/ That cowgirl, you reversed that cowgirl/ You reversed, you reversed and I impregnated your mouth, girl/ That’s when I knew you can be my spouse, girl,” he raps, before closing with a reference to his “Bound 2” video featuring his fiancé, Kim Kardashian (“I put you on that bike, you ‘Bound’ girl”).

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The Weeknd




James Blake

James Blake debuted a haunting remix to the “Beyonce” track in January under his alter-ego, Harmonimix.


Which version of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” is best? Tell us in the comment box below.


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