Beyonce Joins the Vegan Club| Eyes and Voice


Beyonce Joins the Vegan Club!

Beyonce Joins the Vegan Club| Eyes and Voice

For the next health conscience opportunist everywhere the Internet nowadays has become a breeding ground for a plethora of chances when it comes to those who want to find the next quick fix.

More so, what’s all the rage now is the vegan diet. Bearing in mind that the vegan diet has been around since the dawn of time, it is only now that eager eyes have noted the beneficial and better yet noticeable effect it has on one’s body.

In everyone’s case, that is Beyonce. Ever since Queen B performed on the Grammys stage on January 26th with her ‘straight out of the sea’ wet hair look, raunchy sex appeal, and every singer’s stereotypical ‘next to nothing’ outfits, many audiences leaving aside their rage at her risky performance before watershed were left in awe by her remodeled new figure.

Bey’s figure has always been a topic of conversation, and usually being known for her fuller healthy, hourglass figure many dispute whether or not the singer’s efforts for weight loss has gone too far.

Could this be the stereotypical Hollywood syndrome that many females have undergone? it’s a heavy probability. Yet many have been left inspired buy her efforts and now dare to tread the vegan diet waters.

The Vegan diet is similar vegetarian diet only more strict, this in fact takes away all forms animal made produce eliminating dairy, meat, poultry, fish and eggs.

You’ll be saying hello to a world of food which are much easier to digest, high in fibre, and may even help you shed the pounds. The diet includes ingesting more plant based foods, leafy and starchy vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and legumes (beans, peas).

It was suggested that the Crazy In Love singer and her boo Jay Z were on a 22 day vegan cleanse, replacing one meal a day with a vegan meal.

So whether you are easing your way into the vegan diet with one meal a day or going hard for that extra mile or those extra pounds, fingers crossed!

Article By: Shireen ‘Rosco’ Headley


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