Eyes and Voice Interview: Laurence Robinson talks about his Life, Opera and Performing


Eyes and Voice Interview: Laurence Robinson talks about his Life, Opera and Performing

Eyes and Voice sat down for an interview with the remarkable Opera singer Laurence Robinson, just before his Valentines day concert,  last Friday 14th 2014, in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Eyes and Voice Interview: Laurence Robinson talks about his Life, Opera and Performing

Laurence Robinson is a world class entertainer with a superb operatically trained tenor voice. His versatile singing and magnetic stage presence, enables him to cross musical genres, from grand opera to swing to classical crossover.

He has performed on both the stage and television with some of the world’s top artists including performances with Luciano Pavarotti and Lesley Garrett on channel 4 and live appearances with Hayley Westenra and Amici forever.

Below: EyesandVoice.com‘s Interview with Laurence Robinson.

laurence Robinson 2 Eyes and Voice Interview: Laurence Robinson talks about his Life, Opera and Performing

Eyes and Voice: Hi my name is… I am from eyesandvoice.com, so today we are here to do interview with…

Laurence Robinson: Laurence Robinson

E + V: Laurence Robinson, can I call you Laurence?

LR: Yeah, of course, of-course you can.

E + V: Laurence, can you please tell us about your music background

LR: yeah, of-course. obviously the music i perform is a mixture of Opera and … crossover music. My show is very much audience participate. You know, I like to get the audience involve. I think of it more like a fun evening, you know people believe oh they’ve come to see Opera, oh oh no, we must sit quite and not say a word you know. That’s not what I want in my show. I want everybody to be up, singing and getting involve in it. So and my background really, I am a trained operatic tenor, ermm but I like to sing all genre of music really.

E + V: So, what’s the reception like in Luton?

LR: Well I have done a show here before actually, I’ve done a show about 10 years ago and it went down really well actually (laughs)

E + V: Yeah?

LR: Yeah, that was fantastic, yeah.

E + V: So do you live around here?

LR: Yeah. I live locally, I live in Dunstable. which is about 3, 4 miles just down the road. So for me, its nice, its wonderful for me to be able to do something local,

E + V: For Luton?

LR: Yeah (laughs)

E + V: That’s great. So, what can you tell our eyesandvoice readers is the difference between Opera as a genre of music to other genre, lets say the Pop music? what’s the difference?

LR: er-mm, the difference is really, I mean Opera is more really I guess like Theater. Its more theatery – involves a visual aspect, it involves the plot of the story. But what i’m doing here is really, I’m bringing you all the main wonderful arrays and songs from the Opera. So really you don’t need to go and sit through, Some people don’t what to go and sit through the whole Opera. they will like to see the main snaps of a show. so that’s the beauty of this really, coz you’ll get to hear just the main arrays.

E + V: During your performance, how does it go? is there like a supporting act with you or?

LR: eh, No. Not tonight. No, but my show you know its from 7:30 to 9:30, so it will be in two half – incorporating different types of music.

E + V: OK, for our (Eyesandvoice.com) readers, where can we get your music from?

LR: Well, if you come to my website, www.laurencerobinson.com you can get CDs of mine from there.

E + V: And for our EyesandVoice.com readers, they will like to know more about your Opera background. Why Opera?

LR: Well, I have always loved Opera because my parents used to play it when I was a kid. You know, well I never so much like it then (Laughs) but it was subliminally being played in the background, so I supposed its being drawled into me really but later on in life, about 35, I start to think oh I really like this music you know, and you just start to explore it, and you listen to more and more music pieces and that’s how it evolves really.

E + V: Say like some our readers, who might be new to Opera and you kind of music. so if you want to convince someone to listen to Opera, what will you say to them?

LR: I would say, get a disc of all the favorites, … not a complete Opera and be selective about the Opera you go and see because you know some of it its high brow… say like you go and see Wagner can or may or may not put you off Opera for life (laughs) but if you go and see something lovely and romantic you know, like La Boheme or Madama Butterfly you know that’s a beautiful introduction to Opera but really I would get a disc of the main sort of different…

E + V: The best?

LR: Yeah, the best of. yeah

E + V: So about your show tonight, what should we expect?

LR: Well expect a good mixture of different songs, you know some good quality music and a lot of audience participation. I keep saying that (laughs)… I hate having a concert where people just sit there and listen, I mean its different if you’ve got a full orchestra behind you – you have to sort of be a bit more serious about it but that’s why I like this as well you can communicate with the audience.

E + V: So how is the relationship between you and your audience?

LR: Well I think its driven my the music really, because the music… I mean for argument sake, Valerie, you see it in football pitches as well, I perform a lot on football pitches and ruby pitches you know I’ll sing to them and they sing back to me; they know when to come in, you know its just a naturally thing – they know the songs, it all music that they know.

E + V: Apart from this venue and today’s shows, can you please tell us other venues you have performed at before?

LR: Well I’ve performed at the Millennium stadium about thirty (30) times, part of the pre-match build up. I’ve been on ITV’s this morning and I’ve sang on the show, you know I do a lot of corporate stuffs as well. And I do a lot of sporting stuffs as well, for the rugby league and rugby union you know as part of the pre-match build up and they all on my website, what am doing is all on my website.

E + V: Are you performing in any of the Rugby matches we should know about?

LR: Nothing coming up, nothing coming up at the moment but for the world cup; I sang in the World Cup end of last year. So I sang the England, Ireland match and Tongo and Italy match – that was great fun, yeah it was brilliant fun. Just before the match I will sing the anthem.

E + V: That’s great., so are you on a tour now? or have you got other shows lined up we can look forward to so any of our eyesandvoice.com readers who are interested can get tickets to come see your shows

LR: Yeah well, Olympian productions are going to be putting on some more shows for me… they doing that at the moment as we speak, you know and it will all come on the website as when they become available so you keep looking at the website really and i’m on Facebook as well and Twitter… and all those social things.

E + V: For our eyesandvoice.com readers, can you tell us where to find you online?

LR: The first point of-course is the website. its www.LaurenceRobinson.com…

E + V: Alright, thanks for talking to me today and I am very happy you gave us the opportunity to talk to you

LR: It’s a pleasure, thank to you for coming to see me

E + V: And we will be happy to come again another time

LR: Yeah, I appreciate it

E + V: It was nice meeting you and hopefully this will get more of our eyesandvoice.com readers to know more about Opera

LR: (Laughs) Thank you very much, I appreciate that.


Note: ‘E + V’ means Eyes and Voice, while ‘LR’ means Laurence Robinson.……………………………………………………………………………………………………

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