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Facebook buys WhatsApp: What this means for WhatsApp User’s DATA

On Wednesday, February 19th, social networking site, Facebook announced that it is acquiring messaging app WhatsApp.

Facebook buys WhatsApp. What this means for WhatsApp User's DATAs by Eyes and Voice

The deal which will cost Facebook a whopping $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares has been completed, Eyes and Voice learned.

This deal is Facebook’s biggest ever acquisition and it will give Facebook full access to WhatsApp’s 450 million monthly users.

According to market reports EyesandVoice.com has learned, that the record deal for the messaging app got a mixed reaction from investors as on Thursday, just a day after the announcement,  a sharp sell-off was followed by a rally in Facebook company’s stock price.


  • WhataApp has grown its audience very rapidly and now has 450 million users all around the world, It is still growing very rapidly with one (1) million users joining the messaging app service everyday – That’s impressive!
  • WhatsApp have around just 50 to 55 staffs only – with this Facebook acquisition this small employees are going to be very rich! It is reported that an extra 3 billion dollars has been held back to keep staffs in the coming years.

In a statement announcing the deal, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg described the acquisition as “incredibly valuable”, but as I as told you above, Facebook’s share price dipped following the announcement, Eyes and Voice learned.

So, WhatsApp Messenger, a cross-platform mobile messaging app which prides itself on having “no ads, no games, no gimmicks” – how will this work as Facebook has acquired it?

As Facebook acquired WhatsApp, What will this mean to all WhatsApp Users?

While Facebook has promised that WhatsApp will remain untouched and will operate as a standalone app, the news of the buyout hasn’t gone down well with WhatsApp users, who have since threatened to delete the messaging app, Eyes and Voice learned.

WhatsApp Users DATAs

This deal means those who have been avoiding feeding their data into the world’s biggest social network, Facebook might now think about switching to another instant messaging service.

As you know, WhatsApp is based on phone numbers rather than usernames, which means that Facebook has in effect just bought a list of hundreds of millions of phone numbers – So reports calculating it as $45 per users phone number and data.

St. John Deakins, C.E.O  of online identity service Citizenme stated:

“Currently, WhatsApp can change terms and conditions at any time, without notifying users, which many people who use this service aren’t aware of. Meanwhile, Facebook already has a very broad copyright license on people’s content and already shares your data with many other services,”

“Now with Facebook buying WhatsApp, this could see more and more private information becoming part of Facebook’s database. From a personal data standpoint, this is extremely worrying.”

As it stands, I’m sure you can now agree with me that this Facebook’s Whatsapp acquisition deal likely means that Facebook will be slurping yet more users data.

P.S: Remember it’s not too late still for you to switch to another messaging service apps like: BBM (OK, I know, you probably won’t consider bbm anymore) but you can still try out: Kik Messenger, Viber, Line (WhatsApp biggest competitor) and many more…


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