Holy Finest – ‘Waka Waka’ (on Freestyle Africa.UK)


Holy Finest – Waka Waka (on Freestyle Africa.UK)

Watch: Holy Finest do a freestyle version of his song ‘Waka Waka’

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The newest kid on the block, the one and only Holyfinest dropping some few lines from his latest smash hit single Waka Waka. Watch out for this kid more to come from him. You heard it here first – FreestyleAfrica.uk

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Holy Finest is a UK Afrobeat singer, songwriter and performer. He has previously collaborated with mainstream Nigerian singers and producers.

Also, Holy Finest has worked with Djs not only from Nigerian but Afrobeat Djs from other parts of Africa.

So with these experiences, it comes as no surprise that Holy Finest has been able to cop himself some hit songs.

Holy Finest is one of the best Afrobeat (Nigerian) performers there is. – With his energetic stage performance, stage present and vocals, he is able to get any crowd moving and screaming.

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‘Waka Waka’ is one of Holy Finest songs you will need to watch out for – the song was produced by two different big shot Nigerian producers who have also does productions for Timaya and AY (the comedian).

Holy Finest is currently promoting his new song, ‘Waka Waka’. – Waka Waka is a catchy song which sees Holy Finest and his collaborators singing about a lady (relationship issues).

Watch below: Holy Finest – ‘Waka Waka’

Not just your normal everyday relationship song, Holy Finest puts a fine twist into this song and it is worth a listen.

‘Waka Waka’ by HolyFinest has gone to received radio air-plays, DJ spins and numerous  ’Alaba Mix-tape’ inclusions.

Personally, I think with a good push and backup this song will be a big smash hit. Listening to Holy Finest gives me the pleasure to say that the Nigerian Entertainment industry is not ready for what HolyFinest has got to offer.


Holy Finest is surely an Afrobeat artist (singer and songwriter), you all need to watch out for and tell you friends and family about :)

The first time I heard some news on HolyFinest and I got the chance to listen to some of his music – I was totally blow away and I am sure you will love him and his music too.

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