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Fantastic Four: Not So Fantastic Reception

So here we have it, Hollywood has set the world ablaze but for the wrong reasons.


A brand new breed of superheroes is set to save the world. Or so they hope. And if I know anything about film reboots they come in all shapes and sizes, in this case, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan are all set to become the “new” face of 21st Century Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot of the Marvel Comics franchise.

Michael, 27, has been attached to play the role of Johnny Storm AKA ‘The Human Torch‘, which his name has been attached to for the past few months. Miles, 27, will be Reid Richards AKA ‘Mr. Fantastic‘. Actress Kate, 30 is to play Sue Storm AKA ‘Invisible Girl‘. Jamie, 27 is set to play the much-anticipated role of Ben Grimm, AKA ‘The Thing‘.

Although its been rumored that filming will take place March of this year, a villain hasn’t been decided.

The previous ‘Fantastic Four‘ film debuting in 2005, followed with the ‘Rise Of The Silver Surfer‘ in 2007; starred the original cast Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, and Michael Chiklis.

Even with the films success and not so much success in the eyes of fan boys and girls alike we were used to (whether we’d admit it or not) this cast.

Although I believe in giving actors and actresses a fair chance when it comes to casting, one has to press on the questions why this particular cast? Die hard fans and comic book readers alike are in an all out turmoil since the name reveals.  The appearance of these Heroes have been a staple since  their first release in 1961. I’m a avid believer that when it comes to Super Heroes staying true to form is a must, but the 180 flip 21st Century Fox has performed in the case of Michael B. Jordan has baffled bystanders.

This then begs the question has the “Hollywood Syndrome” hit, and will continue to hit future Comic Book film projects teetering away from its original start point?

Is Hollywood so “botoxed”  that they had to cast zero- fat, fresh faced teenagers who look like they leapt straight out of college to take on such a role.  Or have executive producers discarded the previous Marvel Legacy in aid of creating a diverse “New Age” Fantastic Four hoping for even more audience success.

Well fans can definitely argue that 21st century Fox and their fast hands are definitely tampering with what should NEVER be tampered with.

Article By: Shireen ‘Rosco’ Headley


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