Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Watch Live Videos and Court Details | Eyes and Voice


Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Watch Live Videos and Court Details

Oscar Pistorius trial day one – watch the court videos below and see all court proceeding details you need to know.

Oscar Pistorius murder trial - Watch Live Videos and Court Details by Eyes and Voice

Oscar Pistorius goes on trial today (March 3rd), The Paralympian is accused of his murdering his lover and the court case is expected to be watched by millions worldwide.

The South African Paralympian star Oscar Pistorius has pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend as his trial opened with a witness testifying she heard terrible screams on the night of the killing.

Ms Steenkamp, Oscar’s grilfriend was shot three times through a locked bathroom door at Pistorius’s home in Pretoria on Valentine’s Day 2013.

The double-amputee athlete, who was arrested shortly afterwards, maintains his innocence and says he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder.

Pistorius has described the shooting as a “devastating accident,” but the prosecution will argue that he killed Ms Steenkamp after a row.

“I knew I had to protect Reeva and myself,” Pistorius says in an 11-page affidavit. He says she died in his arms.

In court today, a neighbor of South African athlete told the court in Pretoria that she was awoken by a woman’s “terrible screams” in the early hours of 14 February 2013, Eyes and Voice learned.

Large parts of the court proceedings which South Africa Media is calling ‘the trial of the century’ will be broadcast live by three remote-controlled cameras in the court, but testimony given by Pistorius can not be shown.

According to reports, there is huge amount of interest across the world on this case – “Satellite trucks are parked all along the streets and there are police on every street corner to hold back the crowds.” Eyes and voice learned.

Eyes and Voice has learnt that the trial is scheduled to run for three weeks but could go on for longer.

Watch below: Oscar Pistorius Trial: Monday 3 March 2014, Session 1

Watch below: Oscar Pistorius arrives at court for Reeva Steenkamp murder trial

Oscar Pistorius entered a courtroom Monday for the start of his murder trial, walking past the victim’s mother who says she came to court so she can “really look him in the eyes.”

Miss Steenkamp’s mother, June, came to the trial dressed in black and she was quoted saying to news reporters:

“I want to look at Oscar, really look him in the eyes, and see for myself the truth about what he did to Reeva,” said Mrs Steenkamp. “Whatever the court decides at the end of his trial, I will be ready to forgive him … But first I want to force him to look at me, Reeva’s mother, and see the pain and anguish he has inflicted on me. I feel I need that.”

If found guilty of premeditated murder, Oscar Pistorius (the Paralympic and Olympic athlete) could be jailed for at least 25 years.

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