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Beyonce Reigns At The London 02 Arena (The Mrs. Carter Show REVIEW)

This past weekend saw Beyoncé return to the London 02 with a revamped version of her already successful Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Ever since the surprise release of her self-titled visual album last December the expectations were high into how she would incorporate the songs to the stage, but after attending this concert the fans certainly had nothing to worry about…

From the moment she entered the stage she commanded attention with feminist anthems such as ‘Run the World’, ‘Flawless‘, ‘Yoncé‘ and ‘Diva‘, meaning that from the get go she was here to spread or should I say perform a message.

With the audience now pumped up she eased her way through the set list with fan favourites such as ‘Get Me Bodied‘, ‘Baby Boy‘ and ‘Naughty Girl‘. Representing the new album she graced us with performances of ‘Partition‘, ‘Blow‘, ‘Ghost‘ and of course Drunk in Love which saw a surprise appearance from hubby Jay-Z! Now who says Bey doesn’t spoil her audience?

It wouldn’t be a proper concert without a B stage and during the later parts of the show she worked her way through the live crowd singing ‘Irreplaceable‘ and ‘Love on Top‘.

It must be mentioned that during this time an eager fan threw a (hopefully not their own) wig at Beyoncé which was indeed random but sentimental for those who understand the meaning of wig snatching in the urban dictionary (I’ll let you figure that out!).

Elsewhere we were given a beautiful rendition of ‘1+1‘ which saw her seating seductively on a piano, I must say that by this stage of the show I was truly surprised at how many of her song lyrics I knew of by heart – oh how proud the Beyhive would be….

My personal highlight of the night was the excellent performance of ‘Why Don’t You Love Me‘. Before the show I was always a bit miffed as to why she continued to perform this lesser known track time and time again.

But by witnessing it live you true capture the quality in this song and how the musical arrangement shines in a live performance environment. This performance featured dancing, ad-libing, instrumentals and everything else you could ask for in a song so for those who have yet to attend the concert you are sure in for something special with this one!

Beyonce London O2 March 2014

Obviously the moment came when her signature singles ‘Crazy in Love‘ and ‘Single Ladies‘ were performed. It is important to point out that neither of these songs were sung in their entirety which is understandable due to the increased volume of new tracks, so who came blame the superstar for wanting to focus on them? Besides she’s probably done the Single Ladies dance over a thousand times by now.

Nearer the end of the concert we saw the pace slow down with a cover of ‘I Will Always Love You‘, album track ‘Heaven‘, latest single ‘XO‘ and for the epic finale the Grammy award winning song ‘Halo‘. Also just for the added touch she had the decency to sing Happy Birthday… Now it wasn’t my birthday personally, but if Beyoncé wants to sing us that song then who am I to question it?

With a five album strong solo career there had to be some song exemptions from the set list. For example there was no ‘End of Time‘ (which was fine with me because she was loyal to that song for a long time even with no official release or music video), ‘Déjà Vu‘, ‘If I Were a Boy‘ or even any Destiny’s Child song.

My personal favourite ‘Party‘ was also left off but to be honest neither of these songs were missed at all due to the brilliance of her latest LP and her already strong back catalogue.

Huge credit must also go the her all female band the Suga Mama’s and her extremely talent dancers who gelled brilliant with the pop superstar.

So for those who want to question the prominence and importance of Beyoncé all I can say is simply watch her perform live and witness why very few modern female contemporary singers can match the success, talent and stage presence of one certain Mrs. Carter, BOW DOWN!


Beyonce Reigns At The London 02 Arena (The Mrs. Carter Show REVIEW). by Eyes and Voice

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Article by: Grant Savage


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