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Musicians: INDEPENDENCE IS KEY! – Ashanti’s fifth Studio Album Proves So

Last week Ashanti released her fifth studio album… what do you mean you didn’t know? Weren’t you one of the 6 million who bought her Grammy award winning debut nearly 12 years ago?

Well it’s understandable that many fans have moved on from the proclaimed ‘Princess of Hip-Hop & R&B’, but let’s take a moment to recognize her latest achievement.

Her album ‘BraveHeart’ debuted at number 10 in the U.S. album charts with first week sales of 28,000, becoming her fifth consecutive top ten album. Sure it’s a far far cry from the 503,000 first week sales of her self-titled debut, but that was a long time ago and with music sales in the year 2014 it’s best to outweigh the negatives with the positives!

ashanti i got it video VIDEO: Ashanti Feat. Rick Ross – I Got It

The first positive is that Ashanti is now more or less her own boss when it comes to her singing career.

She is now signed to her own label called Written Entertainment meaning that deep down the only person she has to impress when it comes to her sales is well… herself.

The second positive is that she has escaped a notorious 360 deal which many of the popular musicians are signed to when working under a major label. To cut a long story short this type of deal means that your music bosses get a stake in everything the musician does whether it’s to do with music or not. Meaning that the artists doesn’t get left with a choice, especially if they want to stay as prominent and mainstream as possible.

This could show that a lot of the singers don’t get much of a say in the work they want to do, but definitely pay attention into how little money is coming in!

Surely not having a 360 deal is a smart move for an artist like Ashanti who now wants more independence and is trying to re-establish where she stands in the industry?


Naturally a third positive is that this means more money is coming directly to her? The rumour mill is spinning that just from these first week sales alone she has pocketed just short of $200,000… Not too bad for quite low sales.

You must remember she is running a business here and any money coming in is good money and you must be pretty sure that the allege sum projected would put a smile on Ashanti’s face!

A final positive worth mentioning is that she is receiving recognition for her determination with the release of this record whether it’s through social media, forums and evening award shows.

Just late last year she received a Soul Train Award for Best Independent R&B/Soul Performance, which will sure look nice next to all the other awards she has received in the past.

Now of course there are negatives that many people like to focus on whether it’s the lack of hit singles, the release push backs and the fact that she’s not Beyoncé…

But when you look at the bigger picture, Ashanti is now in a position where she can afford to do things her own way and it’s slowly but surely working out for her in the long run.

With popular artists such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Adele and Dizzie Rascal all either running or signed to independent labels proves that musicians in the industry can achieve commercial, business and financial rewards away from major label tradition.

Is it a strategy that will completely take over? Probably not, but the new found recognition of the format is definitely catching people’s attention from all different avenues and is one worth keeping an eye on as the industry evolves.

Musicians INDEPENDENCE IS KEY! - Ashanti's fifth Studio Album Proves So. by Eyes and Voice

VIDEO: Ashanti Feat. Rick Ross – ‘I Got It’

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