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Anti Modeling Agency: Sign Us Up!

A modeling agency against the mould, breaking the rules of conventional agencies? Yes- hands in the air!

Anti Modeling Agency - Sign Us Up!  Eyes and Voice

When we think of ‘typical models’ the characteristics are, slender figures (benefits getting into tight areas), flawless skin, and 5 ft 9 with limbs for miles. This wouldn’t apply for us ‘normal’, ‘average’ or ‘tarnished’ individuals, (twisting the knife in yet?). We’ll think again, here’s a agency that goes not for the norm.

Chatting to ‘MailOnline’ Lucy Greene, 24, and Pandora Lennard, 24, from London started their own Anti-agency. It opposes the standard kind of familiarity other agencies today go by. What draws a model to their business isn’t just the normal criteria but something more.

Founders: Pandora Lennard and Lucy Greene, both 24 and from London, have set up the Anti-agency, where they scout non stereotypical models

‘We don’t look for stereotypical models, we look for boys and girls with great personality, good style, charisma and interesting hobbies; the whole package.’

Anti Modeling Agency - Sign Us Up!. by Eyes and Voice. by Eyes and Voice

After setting up their agency nine years ago and with a background in fashion, instead of scouting for for their models on the busy high street, they have other ideas. Potential models are found at gigs, art galleries, and the likes of Facebook.

At the Anti-agency, there are a plethora of model types to choose from as the girls explain.

‘Our models may be good looking but we specifically choose to use “head shots” so that people aren’t judged on their height or weight by clients. We have models ranging from size 6-14 and 5ft 4in to 6ft 2in of all ethnicities.’

Anti Modeling Agency - Sign Us Up! by Eyes and Voice. 2

She continues: ‘The agency is for people who could’ve been models and decided not to, for people who are too cool to be models and people with real lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illustration and creative industries.

‘We’re here to provide casting solutions for companies and to promote people we believe in, as well as supporting their careers.’

‘They are what they are. We’ve had people making yearly wages from a bit of modelling but none of them want to go full time, they are focused on their respective careers. Some are artists, others are musicians.’

What will the future hold for the Anti-agency?

‘In five years time we see ourselves opening up in New York and LA, that would be the dream.’

Already their impressive client list is something to be considered which includes the likes of Dr. Marten, Urban Outfitters and Asos.

With disbelief for the success of their agency already and nearly one-hundred models under their wing, wanting to go global is on if agenda for these ladies. Here’s my two cents (or two pence), it can happen.

Lucy and Pandora urge their talent to not change who they are, and that’s vital. In society there’s a strong emphasis on individuality, standing out against the crowd, which has and always will be in fashion. Watch this space!

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Article by: Shireen ‘Rosco’ Headley


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