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Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Anti-Pudge’ Diet!

Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Anti-Pudge’ Diet “is going too far”!, Eyes and Voice learned.


Recognise this guy? The name Ryan Seacrest definitely doesn’t come to mind. Well shocks aside from this baby fat youth, it’s been revealed that Ryan is following a strict regime to keep his body and health in check.

After viewing that flashback in to the past of his least attractive days, to also working in such a industry where image is vital (there I said it), I don’t think Ryan wants to revert to his old self.

It was shared in 2006 that his early teenage years saw him rocket to 180lbs at the mere age of thirteen. The now 39-year-old mentioned that he is indeed “obsessed” with green juices, and they’re the key to maintaining his trim figure.

According to source, Eyes and Voice has learned that the popular ‘American Idol‘ host has a plethora assistants on hand providing him with a macrobiotic (organic high fibre low fat) juice which is insulated in a briefcase, suave.

The source also added that the Hollywood host’s “bizarre dieting is going a little too far.”

It’s suggested that after this revelation, because of his fans for days, he’s worried that he’ll blemish is image and lose them if he regresses to his younger self who suffered relentless torments.

He admitted: “I was overweight because I used to come home and eat a cookie sheet of nachos and watch Oprah every day of my life.” Well go Oprah…

Ryan previously said: “I also remember at times being teased about it and because of that it’s still in my brain.

“I never want to feel that way again, and that motivates me to strive hard for balance without cutting anything that I truly enjoy, but while also knowing I can’t have it all the time.”

If that isn’t motivation to keep pre and post haters in line, I don’t know what else is.

Not willing to gamble his health like many others, he follows a strict regime which mostly consists of a predominantly vegetarian diet. Better yet, he admits he favours vegetables.

He adds: “I love vegetable juices. Sometimes I’ll make juices—with or without pulp; it just depends.”

Each to their own I’d say. As long as his past experiences urge him to maintain his healthy lifestyle to a fair degree, his body will continue to reap the benefits.

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Article by: Shireen ‘Rosco’ Headley


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