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5 Reasons Why Urban Music Is Returning To The ForeFront

5 Reasons Why Urban Music Is Returning To The ForeFront. BY Eyes and Voice

10 years ago urban orientated music was just about everywhere. Lead by the likes of Usher, Destiny’s Child, OutKast, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys and more.

It was the genre constantly at the top of the charts. However fast forward a few years later other genres such as indie, dance and pop had taken turns at the top spot overshadowing the potential success of our favourite urban music stars.

This all lead to either the commercial downturns of some artists or the complete disappearance of others…

However since the beginning of this year we can’t help but notice a promising resurgence in the R&B forefront. Could this genre slowly but surely be re-claiming its chart crown? Here are just 5 examples of why this might be the case.


Originally released last June, this Oscar nominated single from Pharrell Williams has reached the top spot all over the world and has helped launched healthy sales of his new album G I R L’ .

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The Pop/R&B album includes collaborations with the likes of Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake and features many radio friendly singles that could potential continue on from the success of ‘Happy.

These achievements could easily encourage his peers to match his growing level of recognition.


No shade! Mr. Legend is an extremely talent musician who is known more as an album artist rather than a singles one.

However his single All of Me taken from his fifth album ‘Love is the Future’ has given him only his second UK top 10 single and his first U.S. top 10! This R&B ballad is definitely a romantic favourite and if he can get a hit single in 2014 then imagine who else can as well?

A good song will sell if promoted and marketed properly!


miley cyrus 23

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus has revamped her image and sound for her latest album Bangerz’. For it she worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Will.I.Am and Juicy J to showcase a more mature and urban sound.

The success of this record is evident and her new controversial image has gone from strength to strength. Katy Perry has also just had a hit single with rapper Juicy J with the hip-hop influenced ‘Dark Horse‘ and Lady Gaga had an interesting duet with R&B hit maker R. Kelly which also left an impression on the general public.

Now which unlikely duo is also going to join forces this year?


Usher, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez have all announced their return to their signature urban sounds for their upcoming album releases.

Of course they may call this a simple ”return to their roots” album but let’s be honest its more in hope of regaining some of the fans they lost when they all went through a successful but limited dance/pop faze.

It’s okay folks we forgive you!


Love & Hip-HopR&B DivasThe Big ReunionBraxton Family Values and more are some of the most successful reality programmes on television.

They provide a great platform for these musicians and even generated extra buzz and sales for veterans such as Toni Braxton, Babyface, Eternal and more.

Plus they have also introduced the public to newer R&B singers such as Keyshia Cole, K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton who have all experienced decent sales and positions from their new albums.

Hmm… having TV’s most popular genre mixed with a music genre on the verge of a comeback? Sounds good for all those involved!

Now let’s see whether R&B and Hip-Hop musicians can keep up with the momentum for the rest of this year because it sure looks promising and could lead to a lots of discussions and developments throughout.

What do you think? Tell us in the comment box below

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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