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Five Percent Nation Member Speaks On Jay Z Affiliation [VIDEO]

Lord Born Justice Allah, a prominent member of the Five Percent Nation talks Jay Z possible affiliation with the group.

Five Percent Nation Member Speaks On Jay Z Affiliation [VIDEO]. BY Eyes and Voice

Jay Z hasn’t confirmed or denied any affiliation to the Five Percent Nation, but he has an open invitation to join the group, Eyes and Voice learned.

According to an interview with Born Justice Allah,  a prominent member of Five Percent Nation, the group which is also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths. In the interview (below), Allah spoke on some of the group’s core beliefs, misinterpretation by the press and media, and Jay Z’s affiliation with the group.

Although the rapper and mogul is yet to declare his stance, speculation continues to mount regarding his recent wearing of the Five Percenters’ Universal Flag symbol.

Lord Born Justice Allah, a senior representative of the Five Percent Nation (Nation of Gods and Earths), spoke to The Source explaining his views of Jay Z wearing the Universal Flag pendant.

After Jigga wore the Five Percent Nation pendant while he sat courtside at a basketball game earlier this month, the New York Post decided to feature the story and condemned the Five Percent Nation as racist.

Speaking to the The Source, Allah confirmed that the Five Percenters are “righteous teachers” who “strive to civilize people that have no knowledge of themselves” and have white members in the group.

About Jay Z’s affiliation to the Five Percent Nation:

Jay Z wears Five Percent Nation medallion (chain) - What does it mean. BY Eyes and Voice

As for Jay Z’s affiliation to the group, Allah said that no one is really sure where his loyalties lie. However, growing up in Brooklyn is what probably attracted him to the Five Percenters.

“He should have some kind of influence from some of the Five Percenters in his area ’cause he grew up in Brooklyn,” said Allah. “Brooklyn, as we call Medina, was heavily influenced back in the ’60s. So I’m not gonna say he’s not a Five Percenter but I can’t say he is either, until I talk with him.”

Same goes to NBA player  Carmelo Anthony – a friend of Jay, who also wears the Five Percent Universal Flag pendant but still yet to announce his connection to the group and is reportedly the friend that gave Jay Z the pendant

“Same thing with Carmelo Anthony, I would like to know because you wearing our Universal Flag,” Justice Allah said.

“I couldn’t go and make a Roc logo, I’m quite sure somebody would ask me, am I down with Roc-A-Fella Records? No. If I’m not down with the Roc then why am I wearing the Roc logo, same way you’re wearing the Five Percent Universal flag. Are you affiliated with us?” Lord Born Justice Allah, stated.

As you know, the Roc Nation head might never respond to any of this, as he is usually very quiet about certain issues, mainly relating to his religious beliefs.

When Jay was asked in an earlier interview for ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail‘ if the pendant held any meaning to him, he said: “A little bit.”

Watch below: The Source TV Interview with Lord Born Justice Allah about Five Percent Nation and JAY Z

As has told you before, It might as well be just a fashion accessory to Jay Z.

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