Janet Jackson Returning To The Spotlight?


 Janet Jackson Returning To The Spotlight?

Janet Eyes and Voice

A couple of days ago Janet Jackson’s long term producer Jimmy Jam sent out an interesting tweet suggesting that there was ”some exciting” news to come from the legendary singer, leaving fans questioning if a new project is finally on the horizon?

Ever since Janet married Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana back in 2012 things have been quiet for the ‘All for You‘ performer, leaving fans questioning her whereabouts and the progress on her new album. Last year she confirmed that she was working on “creating the concept and initial thoughts on the music“, however since then nothing else had been confirmed to the public until now.

There were reports that Janet had retired from the public eye and had moved to the middle east, whilst this was never confirmed to be true or false it did make people question about whether this was the right move or not? One could argue that Janet deserved to take a step back from the spotlight due to the fact that she had been performing consistently since she was a child and that she earned the right to retire.

Whereas others had pointed out that Janet’s best work had come after long periods of absence and she should rightfully only come back when completely ready.

Her last full studio album was ‘Discipline‘ in 2008 which reached number 1 in the Billboard 200 album charts and featured the hit single ‘Feedback‘. She soon followed this up with the ‘Rock Witchu Tour‘ which ran for only 16 dates across North America. After the death of her brother Michael in 2009 she released ‘Number Ones‘ her second hits compilation and toured the world with her successful ‘Up Close and Personal Tour‘.

During this time she returned to acting with two Tyler Perry movies, one being ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?‘ and an acclaimed role in the ensemble drama ‘For Colored Girls‘.

As a Janet fan it is increasingly frustrating to see her legacy somewhat forgotten in the mainstream public eye. Ever since that incident at the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show her cultural impact had largely been scrutinized and ignored in favor of the mainstream media focusing on a 3 second malfunction and the controversy surrounding her family.

Over the last year or so the only tabloid reports on her have been negative ones whether it was the untrue reports about her marriage collapsing or the footage of her ‘arguing’ with her nieces and nephews over Michael Jackson’s estate.

Sadly all of this can play a part in overshadowing her impressive achievements. After initially only be known for being the baby of the Jackson clan she managed to take control (sorry couldn’t resist!) and create a legacy for herself.

She soon became one the most successful female recording artists of all time selling over 100 million records, winning 5 Grammys, having 10 U.S. number ones (just on the Pop charts alone), the most successful debut tour of all time, becoming the first MTV Icon and the only Jackson to have been nominated for an Academy Award.

Many popular musicians today have been influence by the ‘Together Again‘ star. Artists such as Britney Spears, P!nk, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara and Beyoncé have all acknowledge the impact that Janet has had in their career.

Whether it is through image, sound or choreography it is not hard to notice the similarities between them and work that Janet has done prior. Even when Beyoncé released her visual album last year some fans were quick to point out the similarities between that body of work and Janet’s 1997 classic ‘The Velvet Rope‘.

So regarding Jimmy Jam’s tweet whether it is simply implying a new song, album, project or endorsement it will definitely be something to take notice of. Whether you’re a fan or simply intrigued into what direction Janet is now taking her career in, there is now a level of anticipation that hopefully the mainstream media cannot ignore anymore.

It’s your move Ms. Jackson, we can’t wait to see what direction you go in!

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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  1. Janet’s body work is pretty impressive and even when you go back further than Control, her other projects and albums weren’t that bad and for someone 16, 17 years old she was preparing herself for something greater. Janet being performing up until that time at the tender age of 7, so the girl got something magical.
    Now it was mentioned that Janet had the opportunity of recording Rene and Angela’s smash hit “My First Love”, which became a big hit for the duo. It might have been too big of a song for a 16 year old and Janet knew it. There was no one on Janet’s team really guiding her but they were basically telling her what she should do and could do. Meanwhile they were too busy thinking of her lineage in the Jackson family, instead of thinking of her. Beyonce has a younger sister, Solange and right off the back, I’m 100% sure that everyone and their brother figured that Solange would end up being a Beyonce clone but instead and not in spite of, Solange is the new crop of Neo Soul artists, that are having a bit of success sticking to something new and fresh. Everyone since the beginning of time, would throw Janet under her brother’s (especially MJ/R.I.P) shadow. What did her acting on ‘Good Times’ or ‘Different Strokes’ have to do with her brothers? It’s safe to say that she got the auditions based on the fact that she is a Jackson but her own talente would spin another tale. Janet sang on both GT and DS and was fairly good and I’m sure record executives were clawing back then but it wasn’t her time. Her first album wasn’t something I think Janet wanted to do but while your hot, you have to stay doing something. Janet’s dad (Big Joe) would be her manager and had her trying stay revelavant and he wasn’t doing a bad job but then ‘Fame’ came along and you can see Janet was completely unhappy. Janet sang, danced and had to hang out with the kids from the show, who are just fabulous. Not that is wasn’t cool hanging out with JJ, Florida and the gang from GT. Nor kissing super-sexy, Todd Bridges (his first kiss and Janet’s) on DS but the kids from Fame, especially ‘Leroy’ (R.I.P) should have been her coming-of-age but girl had the world on her shoulder. Plus she had a hot man (James Debarge), who was also in the business but struggling in life. Janet always has been someone to want to help and that is a beautiful trait but when it’s grown folks and all types of going-ons, it can be hell. The man Janet was in love with and I don’t blame her but he struggled with problems with substance abuse. Janet was there not only as a girlfriend but she would marry James, who I have to say again, was super beautiful back then. The Debarge boys and beautiful and talented Bunny were so smoking-hot. Come on’ El is still amazing and someone should give him my number. Anyway, Janet had a full plate and trying to gain some independence and if you can’t see Janet’s trials and tribulation when you look at little Britney, with all her struggles throughout the years then I don’t know. I have to say that I love that girl (Britney) because she is a ‘put-on-a-show-kind-of-girl’. You have to see her in Vegas because she is completely amazing.
    You know Janet first few projects she had great songs, great production but none of the songs were tailored made for Ms. Jackson.
    I truly hope Janet and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (who brought something out of Janet) are ready to cook up some magic because I can feel this being something special, like the stars are alined and Janet is ready to do what she does and make it do, what it do!

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