Luton International Carnival 2014 is coming: May 25


Luton International Carnival 2014 is coming: May 25

The 2014 Luton annual Carnival will take place on the 25th May, Eyes and Voice can confirm.Luton International Carnival 2014 promo. BY Eyes and Voice

We’re almost at that time of the year again… Luton International Carnival is coming!

This year, Carnival takes place on Sunday, 25th May at Wardown Park and around Luton town centre. As always, the highlight of the day will be the spectacular carnival parade which leaves Wardown Park at 1:30pm and will wind through the town centre in one breathtaking procession, finishing back at Wardown Park.

Around 1,000 people will be a part of the parade this year, with some of the biggest and most exciting costumes ever to be seen at Luton’s carnival showing off the art and culture from all over the world.

In addition to the colourful parade, stalls and food, international music will be available at the six sound sites across the town centre and at Wardown Park.

Throughout the day there will be performances from a raft of artists, with something to enjoy for fans of every genre. A variety of world music will be on offer at St George’s Square, while fans of urban music should head straight to Gordon Street.

The tempo will be quicker at the New Bedford Road site where drum n bass will be on offer all day, while three sound sites in Wardown Park will cater for dance, reggae, soul and RnB lovers.

So regardless of whether you want to practice your salsa steps or shake a leg to some soul, there is something for everyone!

Lisa Marie Trump, Chief Executive of the UK Centre for Carnival Arts, said: “Carnival day is getting closer and closer and we’re delighted to be able to announce another fantastic day of arts and entertainment.

“Once again we have a huge day planned. Our parade is set to be really exciting, with a great mix of our local carnival groups and some special guests from further afield.

“We also have an incredible array of music on offer across our six sound sites, with live performances from some fantastic artists.”

For more information, including a list of all the artists performing across the sound stages, visit:

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