Lily Allen mocking Beyoncé and Jay Z with raunchy gay performance of ‘Drunk In Love’ [Watch]


Lily Allen mocking Beyoncé and Jay Z with raunchy gay performance of ‘Drunk In Love’ [Watch]

Lily Allen dresses as Beyoncé, lip sync and dances to ‘Drunk in Love’ – watch

Lily Allen mocking Beyoncé and Jay Z with raunchy gay performance of 'Drunk In Love' [Watch]. BY Eyes and Voice

We here at Eyes and Voice is not trying to cause any controversy or whatever, but I can tell you that there’s definitely more to this.

During Lily Allen‘s performance at London’s club G-A-Y on Saturday night (April 26), she appeared on stage dressed as Beyoncé – blonde cropped hair, a black bikini and a sheer skirt as she dances and lip-synced to Queen Bey’s ‘Drunk in Love‘.

Lily Allen launched her new album at G-A-Y with a special preview set, changing outfits for each song

Lily Allen even went ahead to invite on stage a JAY Z impersonator, a half naked man who was dressed in just pants and a chain which read “Yonce”.

For her encore, Lily poked fun a Beyonce's Grammy Awards appearance, having a bucket of water thrown over her before performing a cover of Destiny Child's 'I'm a survivor'.

If that’s not an attack, I wonder what is!

The singer was basically recreating Beyonce and Jay Z’s Grammy Awards appearance, by having a bucket of water thrown over her during the performance.

At the end of the performance she removed her Beyonce styled wig and accepted a warm round of applause from the crowd.

She's hilarious: lily pulls off her wig and pulls tongues, just like Miley Cyrus

“Well, she DOES have an album to sell” – a source said.

This is not the first time Lily Allen has poked fun at other stars… Her new album is called ‘Sheezus‘ an attempt to mock Kanye West.

The star has already admitted she is waiting for an angry phone call from rapper Kanye West after naming her new album ‘Sheezus‘ in homage to Kanye’s most-recent album, Yeezus‘.  – Eyes and Voice learned.

“Given that she has new music to promote, the attention-grabbing behaviour is unsurprising from Allen. She recently took a swipe at some of the world’s biggest music icons in her video for new single, Sheezus” – learned.

Watch clips of the performance below

Before things gets out of hands, Lily Allen has taken to Twitter to insist it really wasn’t meant to offend.

She wrote earlier today: “Only one person can tell you what my intentions are, and that would be me.”

She later added: “wasn’t mocking Beyoncé , like I wasn’t dissing anyone on #SHEEZUS , this is so f****** boring .”

She went ahead to say:

Hey Lily, but why don’t we believe you!

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