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Women across Britain, scratch that, the world can relate to a relationship heading for it’s demise. The so called love which was once, now so happens to dwindle to a one sided relationship on your part? Or is that all in YOUR head?

Well female London Rapper Lady Lykez‘s new video shares a scarily truthful portrayal on this situation.

Her new single titled Psycho, after her previous tracks ‘I love my butt’, and ‘Rosa Parks’ says it all. The video firstly shows a montage of her and her video beau as a typically pleasant pair.

Lady Lykez is seen in bed chatting to an aloof sleeping boyfriend simply pointing out; ‘And you don’t return my little messages no more, you said you ain’t got credit, how long you ain’t got that for?’

Firstly, this is normally happens with many couples, dealing with partners that have a phone, yet not wanting to put it to good use. What’s the point? Or is blatantly just the ‘paranoid soul’ wanting to find their other half’s location ever so frequently. Sounding awfully obsessive.

The video displays a Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde like feel as Lady Lykez switches from mellow and curious to straight out crazy. Explaining that after she’ll cut up his clothes, she raps ‘All I really wanted was a f***ing phone call, I’m sick of ya!’

Her character then stands by his bedside throwing references at the supernatural thriller film series Paranormal activity. This sheds a humorous light on how paranoid some women are perceived to be. Assuming that the man has been elsewhere, in who-knows-wheres bed, she angrily flips telling him what exactly is on her mind, showing a more devious persona.

Her chorus sings; ‘I’m not crazy, I just love you, more than anybody else.

I’m not crazy I just hate you, more than anybody else.

I’m not crazy, I know you want me, more than anybody else.

Wanna kill you, but I need you, more than anybody else.’

Speaks volumes, no? Insecure- a little. Is it brief portrayal of the indecisive depths of the female mind? Well, maybe the males can agree in some way. This Lady goes in, and it’s definitely entertaining to watch.


From bleaching up clothes, dashing popcorn in her beaus face, Facebook stalking, voodoo dolls, and numerous shoulder twitches, its safe to say this video verifies that SOME women can be a tad bit psycho. Only just.

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