Pharrell William’s HAPPY Video gets a PARODY [WATCH]


Pharrell William's HAPPY Video gets a PARODY BY Eyes and Voice | EYESANDVOICE.COM

It’s been said that once you’ve been ‘imitated’ or parodied, you’ve made it. Well to a degree, because Pharrell has surpassed the ‘made it’ phase over a decade ago. Yet that hasn’t stopped his music from being the target of a good old mimic.

Bart Baker, creates and writes the lyrics for his parodies

Meet Bart Baker (in all his glory), with his hilarious Bart Baker YouTube Channel, he’s spent his time creating crazy, popular and impressive parodies of fans favourite stars and their favourite songs. Artists such as One Direction, Robin Thicke, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kesha, Taylor Swift (twice!), and the likes of Miley have been in the firing line with his comedic takes on their music videos.

Harry Taylor Kesha
Left to Right: Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Kesha.

From 158 videos to date, whether it’s skits, behind the scenes, or Butt Hurt Comments his nearly 3,000,000 subscribers are always eager to see what he conjures up. Well in Pharrell’s case, it’s his biggest hit to date. The onscreen Pharrell played by ‘King Bach’ who also has his own comedy channel BachelorsPadTV, and is firstly seen dancing by an alley way with a ginormous take on the iconic Buffalo Mountain hat.

Funnily the song opens with lines such as:

‘I’m 41 but look like I’m 8.’

’32 pounds is how much I weigh’.

‘My hats so big you can see it from space.’

‘And this songs so overplayed it will drive you insane.’

Bart Baker’s ‘Blurred Lines’ parody

You can tell by these lyrics our dear Pharrell has left a big impact on the music scene in the past few months. Clearly with the songs overly happy demeanor Bart’s parody is light heart-ed and enjoyable to watch. However, may I also point out that there are adult topics within the song that are not for young eyes and ears. No matter how funny.

“Awful dancing”, drug use, cameos from auto-tuned “Daft Punk” alongside Bart Baker’s Robin Thicke impersonation, and Fashion Police‘s Joan Rivers with her not so great lip syncing (mouthful)… It all adds to the comedic aspects of this over the top four minutes of fun.

Thanks to his strong fan base, and popular downloading demands, Bart Bakers songs are in fact available on iTunes for purchase. If you’re a fan of the video and  fancy a good old riot, its a good buy!


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