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It seems fan have been on a mission for answers on US Rapper Azealia Banks’ Instagram recently. Fans are keeping track of the stars movements via regular Twitter updates and Instagram which she hasn’t uploaded a post in two weeks. Fans have taken note and left various comments.

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One user stated; “Honestly… Iggy is about to rise above you in her rapping career. She actually released her album instead of promising it for 3 years but not being able too keep her word. All you do is smoke weed and buy snakes and guinea pigs or whatever the ****. You think you’re just gonna live off of 212???? No, everyone is ****ing tired of that song tbh. we need your fresh ****.”

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Well that’s a lot off of that users chest. Is that true however? It could be sad that since Azealia’s music has dwindled slightly, baring in mind the release of ‘Racks’ featuring Pharrell, others artists were given the chance to thrive.

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Azealia was the new ‘sliced bread’ of the rap game in 2012, the feisty female was popularly known for her hit single ‘212’ featuring Lazy Jay. Her extended play EP 1991 (personal favourite) released May 2012, was critically acclaimed and was full of nostalgic dance and house influenced tracks. Alongside Asealia’s EP, her mixtape Fantasea; released July 2012 was said to be an extension of 1991. The star was in her prime.

Azealia’s EP 1991
Azealia’s Mixtape Fantasea

Azealia’s alleged choice words over rapper Lil Kim and rival Iggy Azealia left Banks giving herself a lot hype to live up to. Fans awaited new music, or a hint of her studio album Broke With Expensive Taste which was meant to be released September 2012. Fans had been left in a lurch wondering. Waiting. Anticipating.

More comments relayed similar comments.

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It has to be said, comment of the week goes to ‘jd0963’ who wrote; “Looool all you Azealia fans still be listening to the 1991 EP in 5 years time sayin “leak the album gurrl it’s been 7 years. Time to slay.” – That got me!

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The industry is full of unexpected twist and turns. A message to Azealia; your fans are waiting patiently regardless. Hopefully a smidgen of new music will head our way.

Click below to view the ever so underrated 1991, only on Eyes And Voice!

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