Dr. Dre Will NOT Be A Billionaire After The Sale Of Beats to Apple


Dr. Dre a Billionaire after sales of Beats? No, not just yet!

Dr. Dre, beats heaphone sale to apple billionaire. BY Eyes and Voice

Yes! Apple have reportedly bought Beats for billions of dollars but that doesn’t make Dr.Dre a billionaire – just yet, Eyes and Voice learned.

After news broke on Thursday 8th of May (2014), that Apple has bought Dr.Dre’s Beats headphones company for a whopping $3.2 billion, so naturally it was assumed that Dr. Dre would easily become a billionaire, but that’s not the case.

The news was further confirmed after Actor Tyrese Gibson released a video of him, Dre and lots more people in a studio celebrating the deal and Dre stated that he is the first billionaire in hiphop.

Beneath the clip on YouTube it states: “Apple buys Dr Dre Beat for 3.2 Billion Dollars Making him the richest rapper and the 1st Billionaire Rapper Congrats Dre!!!!

Ain’t nothin’ like a billionaire thing, baaaby . just ask Dr. Dre who celebrated his massive headphones deal with Apple last night by poppin’ bottles and declaring himself the richest man.”

Watch Clip below

EyesandVoice.com learned that, despite the reports and what people are saying, Dr. Dre will not become a Billionaire after Apple’s acquisition of Beats.

According to Forbes, Dr. Dre owns 20-25% stake in Beats. So with the sale and after taxes, that would leave Dre with a net worth of $800 million.

The sale would make Dre the richest rapper, leaving him with $100 million richer that Diddy (or Puff Daddy), who was just named the worlds richest rapper recently just months back.

When the deal is finalised, Dre’s new net worth would not leave him with enough to crack Forbes top 400 but will definitely put him up there.

Jimmy Lovine (left) and Dr. Dre (right) – the duo who founded Beats Electronic LLC

A Billionaire or not, this deal is massive and we are happy for you Mr. Andre Romelle Young.

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