Tyrese Gibson Shares Thoughts on Imprisoned Chris Brown


Singer, Actor, and father Tyrese Gibson has much popularity on the social media app Instagram. He like most, showcases his thoughts and current affairs with fans world wide. It seems as though one of the TGT (Three Kings) had something to share in regards to troubled star Chris Brown last Saturday.

The veteran wrote:

Sometimes a leader will be uplifted, torn down, humiliated and try and rip you apart…… Nothing about this process WHILE it’s happening will feel good or comfortable…. But you will be FORCED to GROW through what you GO through….. It builds character and created BOLD SHIFTS in your LIFE and SURROUNDINGS….. My prayers and energy to the little homie….. Through it all #TeamBreezy is praying and your REAL loved ones ain’t throwing stones we just want you home so you can SMASH the stage and charts!!! It’s kinda scary to think of what you’re gonna do to music upon your return….. Fired up….. Salute young general……. Hold your head.…”

Chris had been admitted to court in Los Angeles last week due to a crime committed last October. According to BBC, the Loyal star will be spending another 129 days in prison for violating his probation. Since March, the young star has been in custody over a supposed violation of his rehab sentence.

The young star obviously hasn’t had the best fortune since his abuse charge in 2009, with ex girlfriend pop star Rihanna. No disregards to ones own actions, the Grammy Award winner cannot seem to stay on the straight and narrow. However apart from fans undying love, its uplifting to see strong role models in the entertainment industry that can help guide, or advise the younger generation in some way. 

As opinions come and go there was a large sum of ‘Instagramers’ that applauded the Baby Boy actor’s message, and showed their support towards the distressed 25-year-old. 

It’s a shame that people whether they be young or old make such negative decisions, and being in the limelight magnifies those mistakes, but forgiveness and support is never too far away. 

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Article By: Rosco

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