Eyes and Voice Present: Exit Black – The New Wave Of Rock


Exit Black – The New Wave Of Rock

Exit Black are a four-piece high energy rock band from the UK. Formed of Tony (vocals, keyboards), Joe (guitar), Jamie (drums) and Henry (bass). They pride themselves on a unique brand of power-driven anthems combined with the sophistication of a band beyond their years, gripping audiences with an undeniable sense of dramatic tension.

Exit Black. Eyes and Voice

Based Luton and London, Joe, Jamie and Henry originally formed three quarters of Gamble Street. However, due to differences within the band, they decided mutually to start a new band, with singer, pianist and actor Tony Bignell, also from Luton. Since then, their sound has evolved into something quite unique.

Exist Black released their début EP, ‘The Sound EP‘  last month (April 2014). The five (5) song EP had song such as, ‘The Sound‘, ‘This Is The Life‘, ‘You’ve Got It Wrong‘, ‘Memories‘ and ‘Where Did The Time Go‘.

Talking about the EP, the band stated:

“‘The Sound EP’ presents to you just a taste of the wild and wonderful world of Exit Black. With crashing riffs, sophisticated phrases and unforgettable melodies, the band has taken on a fresh direction with a ‘no holds barred’ approach. The music grabs, grips and tightens you, daring you to join the ride and open your mind.
“So, if this sounds like the band for you, look no further than Exit Black, a band sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and beyond.”

Exist Black – The Sound EP Launch

Exit Black’s ‘The Sound EP’ was launched on 10th May 2014, at The Hat Factory, Luton. The night was packed with great performance from the band, Bowfinger and their 15-years-old supporting act, Mill Smith.

Before the launch, EyesandVoice.com caught up with the band for an interview. see below…

Eyes and Voice Interview with Exit Black

Exit Black (2). Eyes and Voice

Eyes and Voice: In a short sentence describe your band?

Exit Black: High energy and some driven rock. democratic [laughs], quite friendly, quite passionate in every manner – the lyrics, the structure of the songs. We are trying to do something a bit interesting.

Eyes and Voice: What would you like people to know your band for?

Exit Black: Bringing classical rock back with a modern twist. The new wave of Rock – people who resurrected it. I like us to be seen by the public as a band who are taking rock forward and bring it back… Because its faded a little bit, it’s all dance music at the moment, it will be nice to bring it back to the forefront. We are quite unpredictable as well, I quite like people not having pins. An exciting and a good live band is something I would like to us to be known for.

Eyes and Voice: What have you guys done so far? like achievements you are proud of.

Exit Black: Recorded our début EP last month, and we’re launching it tonight at the hat factory. Its a relatively new line up really, we played together for two years – played in previous band. Tony is being acting and singer for years. In this line up, we heard audition back in February this year – this is really a fresh line up really. Since then we’ve done the EP, radio shows and Live acoustic performances.

Eyes and Voice: Have you worked with any famous band or person that we know?

Exit Black: No, we haven’t. But Joe met the queen though… [Joe Devine explaining] – There was this state visit of the Irish President, he was coming over to England for the first time ever and the queen was hosting him at the Buckingham palace and in the build up, there were having a reception at Buckingham palace and they wanted Irish music to be played in the palace and they ask us to play, it was quite interesting. The first people to play Irish Music in the palace!… Toni used to be an actor – he used to be on BBC 3 programme; ‘Coming of Age’ – he was one of the main characters on that… [laughs].

Eyes and Voice: Tell me about other musicians, singers or anyone you’ve collaborated with

Exit Black: Tonight we’ve got a young 15 year old local talent call Mill Smith, we saw him in an open mic night, he was playing and we just thought wow. And got him on the bill coz he’s from Luton as well… As recording the EP itself – it was just us.

Eyes and Voice: Performing, how is that for you guys?

Exit Black: Its our first time performing together as a unit… We’ve done five radio shows in the last weeks. As to playing together as a unit – it felt naturally from when we met.

Eyes and Voice: Your EP, tell me about that, how did it come about?

Exit Black: We recorded the EP and released it online about a month ago. We taught the best way to showcase music, is to put 4 or 5 of your best tracks… We wanted to make the EP accessible for everyone and showcase our range of sounds…

Exit Black - The Sound EP. Eyes and Voice

Eyes and Voice: What are you guys looking to achieve with this EP?

Exit Black: To gain new fans, get our music out there, gain musical awareness, get Exit Black out there, new gigs, we don’t want to be just gigging in Luton – we want to venture everywhere… that’s what the EP was about. [Tony explains] And not necessary we want to make it overnight, no, we want to work hard, we want to work hard as a unit… [laughs]. [Henry continues] It is basically, this is what we can do, this is want we’re capable of, give us some money and we will do more.

Eyes and Voice: What’s the next plan for Exit Black? Future plans?

Exit Black: Gigs, gigs and gigs. Work hard, showcase our music and get signed eventually [laughs]. We don’t want to be controlled… We want to work hard and get the financial backing in the future because this is expensive. We want to have fun and keep it real with want we are doing. [Jamie explaining] We want to be able to do this for a living – We want to make a career out of this, be successful and be able to do music for a living.

Eyes and Voice: Conclusion, Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Exit Black: [Henry] The ethos of this band is to have loads of fun really, and I want people to be a part of that, that’s what I’m looking forward to. Taking it live and people being a part of the energy… [Jamie continues] And I just want to say, like Alex Tunner speech at Brits Award, Rock will never die man! We want to bring rock back. For me personally (Jamie the drummer), I will like to bring rock back into the mainstream and chat topping – [Tony] We want to be on Radio 1 again. [Jamie continues] Right now, it all dance music… and hip hop music, and its a shame that rock slipped back a little bit, but It would never die and we want to bring it back.

[Tony concluded] Its a high aim but we want to be The Beatles of 2014.


Exit Black next gig dates:

May: 22nd-The Horn and  25th-REDFEST

June: 14th-02 Academy Islington (supporting The Graphic)

July: 4th-Enterprise (Camden), 6th-Jakes Day Presents (Beford) and 26th-The George (Luton)

August: 2nd – 229 (London)

More on Exit Black at: www.exitblack.com

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