Should MKS Reclaim ‘Sugababes’ Name?


Should MKS Reclaim ‘Sugababes’ Name?

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In 2012 Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy who were all original members of the UK girl group Sugababes reunited to form ‘Mutya Keisha Siobhan’ a.k.a. ‘MKS’, much to the delight of their small but dedicated fan base.

After initially promising new music within a matter of weeks of their official reunion confirmation, fans had to wait nearly a year for the release of their comeback single ‘Flatline’.

Listen to it below,

Now signed to Polydor records the single stalled at number fifty in the U.K. charts after being snubbed on radio, very few TV performances and a bizarre end of week release date (Friday instead of a usual Sunday!).

Soon after they embarked on their ‘Sacred Three’ tour across the U.K. and then things all of a sudden went quiet…

Soon all types of rumours circulated such as the trio being dropped by their record label, producers taking songs that they had produced for them back, the girls had fallen out and that they had decided to re-record their entire much delayed album.

Fast forward to present day and rumour has it now that MKS are re-launching (again) this summer as you guessed it…. the ‘Sugababes’, only after the fourth line-up consisting of Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen quietly dissolved.

Whilst this is yet to be confirmed it does make you question whether its truly the right move or not? After all their talk about not needing the Sugababe name, them reverting back to it may seem like a desperate move?

However you could also argue that they are entitled to that name because they are the original members, everyone calls them Sugababes anyway and don’t forget that Mutya already owns stationary rights to the original title… yes you read that right!

Regardless of what happens this coming summer let’s just hope that things work out this time for the talented trio because their ever so patient fans deserve a full body of work regardless of how its released.

If it doesn’t come together this time round then sadly these girls just might have to take the hint and leave the Sugababes/MKS legacy behind for good… Or if nothing else works maybe give Heidi a call?

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