2014’s Most Controversial Celebrities… So Far!


2014’s Most Controversial Celebrities… So Far!

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We are now halfway through the year and what a year it’s been for some of our most popular celebrities! It seems like no one has been safe from a bit of controversy this year.

Some are to be expected and others you just didn’t see coming at all…. Let’s take a look at who’s been up to mischief so far in this eventful year.


We like to imagine that at the stroke of midnight on January 1 the media decided that it would be there job to destroy the reputation of Justin at whatever cost. Problem is he pretty much did that himself!

This year alone he has been arrested, sent Selena Gomez crazy, was involved in an egging scandal, has had his interrogation published for everyone to see and has been caught using racially offensive language in a home video…

We have never seen a fall from grace happen so fast!


Oh Columbus we were really routing for you, we really were! You easily transferred from being a backing dancer to a respected actor in the hit TV drama ‘Scandal’. 

You had a steady gig and we presumed you were going from strength to strength in your career… but then the spousal issues happened. Next thing we start hearing stories on your violent past and now the ex-wife wants a restraining order!

Not surprisingly he was soon written out of ‘Scandal‘ and now his career is back at the bottom (in his own words).


For years we’ve wanted to see Solange’s name in the spotlight due to the fact that she is a very talented musician in her own right, and this year we got just that! Sadly not for her musical talents but more for her (impressive) kicking skills in an elevator with her sister and brother-in-law.

Whilst we will never know the true reasoning behind the drama, a lot of alleged tea was spilt on the true extent of Mr. & Mrs. Carter’s marriage…


Say it isn’t so!!! Surely those ‘squeaky’ clean boys can do no wrong?

Well this definitely doesn’t seen the case as this year they have piled up controversy whether its been through their choice of positions on hotel balconies, their sometimes too passionate ‘Directioners‘ or of course their recent drug scandal and the racial slur that band member Louis let slip whilst heavily under the influence.

It will be interesting to see how they get themselves out of this one!


Who would of though eighteen months ago that Robin Thicke would feature on a list like this? After all we were under the illusion that he had the perfect life. He was the handsome, talented musician with the gorgeous childhood sweetheart wife and the cute son to go along with that.

He had a hit single with ‘Blurred Lines‘ and his wife was building a respected profile in the acting world, there was no doubt that they were on their way to becoming a new power couple in the celebrity world.

Until they announced their separation after Robin allegedly cheated on his wife with the woman they were having a threesome with (I must repeat allegedly). Since then he has been showing embarrassing public statements about wanting to win his wife back and quite frankly its just coming across as tacky and desperate.


T.I. was once on top, he had hit after hit in 2008/9 and was becoming the latest rapper to truly cross-over in the same vein as Jay Z, Eminem and Kanye West.

But ever since his jail time he has been somewhat on a backward trend and is now more known for his VH1 ‘reality’ series with his family and his social media arguments with his wife Tiny.

His latest controversy is a bar brawl with the ever so controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather, now its to exhausting to go into details as to why the had a punch up. But let’s just say that this is just another bad look for the rapper…


Special recognitions should also go to Miley Cyrus and her ever defiant tongue, Ray-J for getting arrested for battery, model Katie Price and her latest divorce, James Franco for being… James Franco, Lady Gaga and her fading star power, boxer Amir Khan and his latest cheating scandal, Ludacris, Idris Elba and Mathew Knowles for their baby mama dramas and of course Kris Jenner for being the evil genius that she continues to be!

Let’s just see what the rest of 2014 has in store for us..

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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