Kanye West’s New Testament – One of the Greats of our Generation!


Kanye West’s New Testament

Eyes and Voice brings you an inspiration piece called ‘Kanye West’s New Testament’.

Kanye West 's New Testament. BY Eyes and Voice

A fan made a film for ‘Kanye West’s New Testament‘ – The 34 minutes of inspirational interviews from the incomparable Yeezy.

Like Kanye West or not, but you can agree with me that the ‘Yeezus‘ maker is probably one of the greatest musician of this generation.

The very inspiring film (which you can watch below) see a Ye fan put together some of Kanye’s interview of the last year or so, with a great visual to match and compilation – this is an incredible piece!

Watch below: Kanye West’s New Testament


Kanye West 's New Testament (2) BY Eyes and Voice

Reactions to this visual has been very impressive, some comments beneath the video on YouTube states:

“Brilliantly said. Thank you. Regardless of how a person feels about this man, he has PROVEN his greatness time after time. He just wants to create.” – a commenter stated.

Another said: “AMEN! These words of nothing but truth. Most real and necessary words spoken by someone in the celebrity world this generation. Integrity = Kanye West is not afraid, I follow..”

One simple called it “Powerful.”, while another stated: “who’s converting to Yeezusianity with me”

“brilliant. looking at it like this actually makes you LISTEN to what he’s saying” – A commenter said.

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