Leonardo DiCaprio called White House to get him to Brazil for World Cup


White House helped Leonardo DiCaprio get to Brazil in time for World Cup opening ceremony.

When you are famous and stranded, and you need help to get to Brazil for the world cup opening ceremony, what would you do? Call Obama! That’s exactly what Leonardo DiCaprio did.

Leonardo DiCaprio called White House to get him to Brazil for World Cup. BY Eyes and Voice

Eyes and Voice learned, the Wolf of Wall Street actor almost didn’t make it to Brazil in time for the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

According to the report, Leonardo DiCaprio had plans to attend the event with friends but their passport were delayed at the Brazilian Consulate in New York and at one point, it seemed like the actor and his friends would have to miss the ceremony.

According to Radar, Eyes and Voice gathered that: “On Monday afternoon [June 9th] they started freaking out because their passports were still at the Consulate,”

“They called several people in high places in order to get their passports back.”

“Out of pure desperation, DiCaprio’s camp called a top aide at the White House who in turn called Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s office, who then organized for the consulate in New York to release the passports.”

“When they finally received word their passports with their Visa’s approved to enter Brazil could be collected, the consulate was closed so someone had to open it up after hours for them,”

Luckily, DiCaprio and his friends finally arrived in Brazil in time to see the host nation take on Croatia at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

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