Beyoncé WILL NOT star alongside Will Smith in new ‘Hancock 2′ movie

Will Smith’s new ‘Hancock 2″ movie will feature Beyonce… Maybe not!

Eyes and Voice understands that, Beyonce  was said to be starring in her first movie since 2009′s Obsession and 2013’s animated feature Epic.

Beyoncé WILL NOT star alongside Will Smith in new 'Hancock 2′ movie. BY Eyes and Voice

According to earlier reports by IMDB, the superstar singer and performer was said to star in ‘Hancock 2′ alongside Will Smith.

Beyonce, 33, will be playing the role of Carly Kicker, reports earlier stated.

With the news announced, fans quickly expressed their excitement, but their excitement was quickly cut short.

The “Drunk In Love” singer’s name was quickly pulled from the film’s page on the Internet Movie Data Base. And reported quickly stated that:

“Bey and Will are apparently not teaming up for Hancock 2.”

Eyes and Voice understands, the confusion may have been because Will Smith’s leading lady’s name in the film is Knowles Neeson, which is listed as being played by actress Irene Bedard.

Oh well… we would have loved to see Bey in a new movie. But for now Beyonce is currently in a joint ‘On The Run’ tour with husband Jay Z (click here to see all the good bit off Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run tour).

On-The-Run-Tour-Beyonce-And-Jay-Z-Sun-Life Stadium florida. BY Eyes and Voice

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