Robin Thicke sells just 530 copies of new ‘Paula’ Album, Charts at No. 200


530 copies and No. 200 in the Chart, Robin Thicke’s new album Paula is doing very bad.

Robin Thicke sells just 530 copies of new Paula Album, Charts at No. 200. BY Eyes and Voice

Robin Thicke’s new album ‘Paula’ dedicated to now separated wife Paula Patton  has flopped in the UK, selling only just 530 copies and reaching number 200 in the charts after its first week of release, Eyes and Voice has learned.

The album was released this week and according to reports, “the album is a commercial disaster.”

Robin Thicke who became very successful with his 2013 single ‘Blurred lines’, wrote his new album which he titled Paula, as a desperate plea to win back his actress wife Paula Patton who left him in February (2014) after nine years of marriage.

Thicke, in his own way of trying to get back with his high school sweetheart has since released music, videos and promotional materials that has been tagged as ’embarrassing’, ‘creepy’ and ‘pathetic’ by the media.

Sometimes I wonder, if Robin Thicke is actually doing all of his tearful and emotional acts to get back with his wife or just as a promotional/marketing campaign for the new album.

I personally think it’s all for his album and not to get back with Paula.

And fans seems to agree with me, as they have remain unmoved and if the reports are true, Robin Thicke has only sold 530 copies of Paula.

In the US, its almost a similar story as Paula has been estimated to sell around 25,000 copies on its opening week – better than the UK’s sales figure but still very poor considering the size of his supposed fan-base and the previous success of ‘Blurred Lines.

Have Your Say: Do you think Robin Thicke wants Paula Patton back or all his tearful and emotional acts are marketing purpose for his album?  Tell us in the comment box below




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