Ms.Teyana Taylor IS NOT A Member of the Skin Bleach Brigade!


Teyana Taylor puts speculators to bed confirming, much to her displeasure that she indeed HAS NOT bleached her skin. Yesterday evening the ‘Sweet 16’ native posted a throwback picture in her younger days on social media app Instagram. Underneath the post which showed a sweet young girl, the caption wrote; “#tbt 2003- now shut the f*** up with that she bleaching s***. Thanks”.

Instead of people focusing on the release of her well received track ‘Maybe’ displaying the stars vocal talent, the revamped tomboy’s skin tone is somewhat always a topic of discussion. Avid follows as well as avid haters have always, whether it is wanted or not, decided to throw in their two cents when it came to the idea of Teyana’s possible skin bleaching regime.  

With the exception of some, others were dead certain that the celeb had bleached her skin, which she could have then added to the hopefully small list of procedures under her wing. With weeks of hassle and misconceptions piling up in her Instagram notifications, Teyana has put her foot down in front of her 1.66 Million followers.

#TBT Teyana Taylor in earlier years

However Teyana isn’t the only black female celeb to have had the ‘Bleach Card’ thrown at her, the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and Nicki Minaj are a few that have come under fans scrutiny.  Maybe fans are simply giving a heads up that bleaching ones skin to look like their European counterparts isn’t leading anyone to the land of self appreciation anytime soon.

Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj have been accused of skin bleaching.

Many like Teyana can either choose to ignore the opinions to an extent or post a much needed #Throwback picture as a effective counterclaim! Either way someone out there will always find something to hate on. She still looks good! And that’s that!

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