Insta Woes! Some Just Can’t Handle Ciara’s New Dreads


Becoming a mother is a blessing and Ciara after giving birth to baby boy Future Zahir, is relishing in her after birth glow. More so, she seems to be channeling her inner momentum as she’s set to regain  her previous figure.

Throwing some punches! Ciara is shown demonstrating great core strength after the birth of her baby Future Zahir

The Body Party songstress was seen six days ago on Instagram sporting her new black and blonde dreadlocks whilst impressively combining sit-ups with some killer punches. Ciara captioned: “Striving for greatness” as she worked out with Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson. The star looked controlled and focused so there’s no doubt fans are looking forward to seeing her hard work eventually pay off.

The pretty picture at hand has caused a ruckus of opinions on Ciara’s dreadlocks

Followers believed the star was giving off Janet Jackson inspired look presently as the 28-year-old posted a medium close-up shot of herself. Gathering a more beautiful mother earth type vibe from the picture at hand, others decided that Ciara’s current choice of hair style offended their eyes. These shenanigans never, NEVER ceased to amaze the people of Instagram. As per usual many were quick to let the new mother what they thought. And talk about in hard or go home, trolls, yes TROLLS, went in on the post!

Here’s a look into what was written:

Of course harsh comments were ignored as there is no sense in celebs retaliating when this is unfortunately the price some pay when on such a platform. However many fans, the guess is fellow C-Squad members, jumped to the stars defense. There’s never any point in trying to seek validation from others, and people’s opinions; negative or positive will always be shared regardless. Thankfully she’s comfortable with her dreadlocks and has been for three weeks- get over it!

Really though? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but are dreadlocks really seen as a unflattering, masculine hairstyle and far from tangible? Or is Ciara; viewed in a more uncommon and natural light seen as unattractive wearing them? Maybe fans are just used to seeing Ciara during her ‘Body Party’ faze and prior to that having more straight hair.

Ciara in the past at the BET awards performing ‘Body Party’

The MAIN question is-would people kick up such a fuss if it was her fellow female counterparts wearing multicoloured weave and wigs? Doubtful. It seems that for some, the vision of perceived beauty relays within more westernized hairstyles. So, weave and wig, YES! Dreadlocks, NO? When did deadlocks, and faux dreadlocks at that, become a vision of ‘less than’? Rants over-it seems that the troll breeding ground will not cease any time soon, then again, it’s refreshing that Ciara has taken on board a strong new look. It’s pleasant that she’s now embracing what is seen as so ‘alien’ to some, but to others, more empowering. Either way, she’s on her way back!

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