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MUSIC VIDEO:   ‘Narita For Tokyo’ by The Wah Wah Collective.

The Wah Wah Collective - 'Narita For Tokyo' | EYES AND VOICE

The Wah Wah Collective presents ‘Narita For Tokyo’ a dance song and music video with an electronica appeal taken from the debut album ‘Cry Baby Soul’. Narita is a Japanese word and describes producer Georgeyo experiences living in Japan in the 00’s. The song features vocalist Natasha Stark and is a part of an oriental theme found on the ‘Cry Baby Soul’ album.

Cry Baby Soul is a 16 song album covering many genres soulfully including Electronica, Nujazz, Neosoul, Latin grooves and more. The diversity originates from band members working within different music genres. Band member ‘The Elusive’ once worked for rock band Iron Maiden, while other band member Mathieu Karsenti provided music to National TV shows. The album is what the band are calling ‘Eclectic Soul’. The Album is a gathering of previous vinyl only releases mixed with unreleased songs from the London based group.

A Little Wah Wah Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody!

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