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NEW MUSIC: Incisive featuring Rukhsana Merrise – Mind Games.


New music by London rapper, Incisive, and this one is called ‘Mind Games’.

The song features an amazing singer, Rukhsana Merrise.

With Incisive’s great rap technique, Rukhsana Merrise amazing vocals, and a clean & simple visual, if properly promoted ‘Mind Games’ might do well on the charts.

Watch Below: Incisive – Mind Games ft. Rukhsana Merrise

Penetrating, clear, sharp, direct, forceful are all words that you will find in the dictionary next to the word ‘Incisive’ and with new release ‘Mind Games’ it’s evident to see why the London rapper has such a title.

Simplicity at its finest, from the key led instrumental to the visuals for his new release; Incisive presents a thought-provoking piece with no fancy façade to cloud your view. The black backdrop and colour scheme, alongside the camera moves and focus, emphasises the meaning of the lyrics with simple clarity.

Renowned for his ‘cool as ice’ flow, ‘Mind Games’ exemplifies Incisive’s intricate yet punchy rapping technique, complemented with a powerful, soulful hook courtesy of the talented Rukhsana Merrise.

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