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NEW ALBUM: Jhene Aiko releases 14-track album ‘Souled Out’

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Following her 2013 ‘Sail Out’ E.P, Jhene Aiko is back and now, with a 14 track album titled, ‘Souled Out’.

The album which is now available to buy on iTunes sees the amazing singer showing us how much she can accomplish with her vocal techniques. Souled Out with just a few collaborations, sees Jhene’s young daughter Namiko on the eleventh song, ‘Promises’.

‘The Worst‘ singer has unveiled two song already off the ‘Souled Out’ album, ‘To Love & Die’ and ‘The Pressure’.

Listen to both songs below…

Watch Video: Jhené Aiko – The Pressure

LISTEN: Jhene’ Aiko ft. Cocaine 80s “To Love & Die”

The exquisite Jhene Aiko is out now via Def Jam/Virgin EMI.

‘To Love & Die’ and ‘The Pressure’ are just 2 of the 14-track collection that have been made available so far and give an insight to how beautifully crafted, and how much of Jhene’s soul the album bears.

Having worked with many artists previously and her releases being relatively feature heavy, ‘Souled Out’ sees Jhene in her entirety with only 3 tracks on the album being collaborations, one of which is with her beloved daughter Namiko and reiterates just how much of Jhene has been put in to the creation of the tracks.

For many, her previous E.P ‘Sail Out’, (released in late 2013), was the first discovery of the songbird and her ability to captivate. The content of the release and her unique sound and style, resulted in a number 1 on the U.S Billboard with ‘The Worst’ and the biggest selling E.P in Def Jam history.

Jhene went on to make her first surprise UK appearance in March 2014, to the sheer delight of fans, as she stepped out on stage alongside Drake on the UK leg of ‘Would You Like A Tour’ to perform both her collaboration with Drake, ‘From Time’ and her solo track ‘The Worst’. She returned to the UK recently to perform at V-Festival to an equally elated crowd.

The aura that surrounds Jhene and her music is fascinating, and one which is filled with emotion, soul and spirituality; as the title suggests, Souled Out is set to be the most engaging and exceptional offering to date.

….and if you can’t wait until the 9th September to hear the album in full, then pre-order now and you will automatically receive ‘Spotless Mind’ to help ease the little bit of waiting time.

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