2014 Collaborative Albums And Their Selling Power…


2014 Collaborative Albums And Their Selling Power…

Collaboration Albums EV

It appears that 2014 has proven that the good old fashioned collaborative set is still a popular seller in todays tough music industry climate.

At the start of the year R&B veterans Toni Braxton and Babyface reunited and released the acclaimed ‘Love, Marriage & Divorce‘. The LP peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 and provided them both with a renewed interest and a much needed sales increase.

Whilst sales of the album didn’t match their nineties hey day it did however do its job in showcasing the magic of chemistry in the recording studio and how it cannot always be simply forced upon certain artists.

After a difficult year sales wise, Lady Gaga needed to win back a few critics who were doubting her staying power in the pop arena. After collaborating with Tony Bennett on his ‘Duets II‘ album, they both decided to go one step further and release an entire album of jazz standards called ‘Cheek to Cheek’.

Now this is a release that does not cater towards her pop and dance fan base, so this release was seen as a risk for her. Nevertheless the hard work has paid off so far as it has reached the top spot on the American charts and has charted moderately well (for a Jazz album) worldwide. Gaga has also expressed how she now has a renewed passion thanks to this side project.

Elsewhere living legend Barbra Streisand made a return to the public eye and released her thirty-fourth studio album ‘Partners‘. The set boasted high profile collaborations with the likes of Michael Bublé, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Babyface, Blake Shelton and Lionel Richie.

Of course we all expected Barbra’s dedicated fan base to buy the record, but what we didn’t expect was amount of press this record received and the higher than forecasted sales that came with it! The set gave Barbra her tenth number one album and set her the record with being the only performer to have number one albums in six different decades!

Sometimes a collaborative effort can bring a sense of renewed energy to an artist. This definitely seems the case for Mary J. Blige as she prepares to release ‘The London Sessions‘ in November. For the first time ever Mary recorded her entire record in the U.K. and it features productions and hook ups with U.K. artists including Disclosure, Sam Smith and Emeli Sande.

Mary & P!nk

And it doesn’t stop there! Pop star P!nk is schedule to release a duet album in October with Canadian singer Dallas Green (under the moniker You+Me) called ‘rose ave.‘. Plus theres rumours that Beyoncé and Jay Z will be releasing a joint album very soon…

2014 has proven that the power and influence of a collaborative album is still a golden avenue in todays industry. The appeal that it offers can allow new fan bases to be built, renewed interest to be a part of and acclaim that can never go a miss.

Let’s wait and see which artists are next to bring their star power together and continue this stronger than ever trend…

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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