Artist makes your favourite musicians and celebrities out of Corn Flakes


New York-based illustrator and photographer, Sarah Rosado’s portraits of musicians and celebrities are made entirely of corn cereal.

Celebrity Cereal Portraits. EYES AND VOICE

And did our parents tell us not to play with our food…

Sarah Rosado, 30, a self taught artist and graphics designer, uses cereal (cornflakes to be exact) to create spot on images of artists like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Elvis, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Eyes and Voice gathered that the idea for Sarah’s “celebrity cereal portraits” came when she was listening to oldies and R&B music over breakfast one morning, and the phrase ‘music has never tasted so good’ popped into her head.

For you guys that might want to try this out yourself one morning over breakfast, note that it is not an easy task.

Sarah Rosado - Celebrity Cereal Portraits. EYES AND VOICE

Rosado explained that “it takes about five hours to create one piece. A sketch of the artist is first drawn, and the cereal is crushed in different sizes and carefully placed along the sketch. A pin is then used to carefully shape the nose, eyes and mouth.”

Speaking about her works Rosado said: “I love creating and experimenting with new ideas and challenging myself,”

“It’s a drive that pushes me to a different level each time which is very rewarding.”

Why cornflakes?

“I chose cornflakes over other cereals for two reasons, one- it’s my favorite,” Rosado reportes. “And two, it is easier to manage when creating images requiring finer lines.”

Rosado hopes some of the musicians — particularly Jennifer Lopez, who shares Rosado’s Hispanic heritage — will notice her work.

“It would be amazing to know what the actual artist thinks about it,” she said.

Your Favourite portrait? 

“My favourite art work is the one I did of Alicia Keys.  I think I nailed that one,” she says.

Alicia Keys celebrity cereal portraits. EYES AND VOICE

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